Former Southern District Of New York Attorney Dan Goldman Joins The Congressional Intelligence Committee’s Team

The American public wants to know the full story about Russians interference during the 2016 presidential election. Some Americans think the Russians helped Trump get elected. But they don’t know all the juicy details about Trump’s role with the Russians even though seven members of Trump’s campaign had a lot of interactions with Russians during that time.

Most Americans now know Trump was on a mission to build the largest hotel in Europe in Moscow thanks to Michael Cohen dropping a dime before the Congressional Oversight Committee. But U.S. voters don’t know if Trump asked Putin for help to win the election.

According to Mr. Cohen, Trump needed Putin’s help to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. And thanks to Cohen’s testimony, Americans know Trump gave Cohen the okay to give Putin the more than $50 million penthouse in the new Trump Tower Moscow for free.

The Mueller investigation will answer some questions about collusion, according to legal experts like Alan Dershowitz. But Dershowitz claims Mueller’s investigation did not find any proof of collusion. And Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, claims they never will.

But there’s another legal fly lurking in Trump’s purer than the driven snow story. And the Congressional Intelligence Committee wants to use that legal fly to bring the president down.

Intelligence committee Chairman Adam Schiff brought former Southern District of New York prosecutor Dan Goldman on board because Goldman has a successful track record prosecuting Russian mobsters. Mr. Goldman is now the director of the committee’s investigations. Goldman spent 10 years as an assistant U.S. attorney in New York. Dan’s new job is to get to the bottom of the relationship between Trump and Russia.

Some reports say prosecutors from the Southern District of New York think Mr. Trump ruled a criminal empire under the guise of the Trump Organization. Trump’s involvement with the Russians started in 2015. But according to a New York Times article, the president’s wanted to build a Trump Tower in Russian more than 20 years ago. Mr. Goldman’s job will be to find the truth about Trump’s alleged illicit affairs with Russia.

Mr. Goldman also has experience nailing money launderers. And he was one of the attorneys who sent the Genovese crime family to jail for racketeering. There are reports the Trump organization allegedly did some money laundering through a German Bank. The intelligence committee also wants Goldman to confirm that claim as well as other nefarious claims that relate to Trump.

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