Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Just Gave Mueller An Early Christmas Gift

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer told Mueller’s team he lied to Congress when he said Trump wasn’t trying to make a business deal with Putin during the 2016 campaign. Trump said Cohen’s lying, but at last count, four former Trump campaign officials are in line for orange jumpsuits. Another Trump supporter, Roger Stone, could be next. Stone got a supporting role in the campaign through his connections with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Jerome Corsi, a conservative conspiracy theorist got on the Trump campaign wagon because they both believe Obama is a Muslim. And according to the Mueller investigation leaks, Corsi supplied Stone with information on high-level Democrats. Mr. Stone allegedly passed the information to Assange. Corsi did have a plea deal in place with Mueller, but he changed his mind.

Six close friends of Donald Trump had some kind of interaction with the Russians during the campaign. And when you add Don Jr.’s name, it’s seven. Don Jr. attended the Trump Tower meeting with Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner makes eight. But the president continues to tell his followers he had nothing to do with the Russians during the campaign. But he did ask them to look into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Trump has beefed up his attacks on Mueller because Paul Manafort’s lawyer called Trump’s lawyer. Some legal experts say that’s a foul, but it’s anybody’s guess what they talked about. But according to the Washington Post, Trump stepped up his tweet attacks on Mueller after the phone conversation between Rudy Giuliani and Paul Manafort’s lawyer. And to add more intrigue into the mix, Trump left the door open for a Paul Manafort pardon after that phone call.

All the reports about Donald Trump and the Russians seem to have a common thread running through them, according to some political analysis. Trump and Putin are businessmen. Trump wants to do business in Russia, and Putin wants to do more business deals in the United States, according to conspiracy theorists. With Clinton out of the way, and Trump running the global show like a bad Nintendo player, Putin has a chance to screw Democracy the good old Soviet way, according to several news reports. No one knows the full story yet, but Mueller thinks he’s got part of the story figured out. Putin helped Trump get elected, but Mueller can’t say that without proof. Some people say Trump’s relationship with Paul Manafort is that proof.


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