Future Lawyer Overcomes Difficult Past

Tarra Simmons will be graduating with a law degree. The road to becoming a lawyer was anything but easy. Five years ago, Tarra was addicted to meth. She also served 20 months in prison for meth possession.

After Tarra got out of prison, she struggled to get custody of her children. She also faced bankruptcy and foreclosure. However, Tarra still enrolled in law school. She will graduate with a 3.7 GPA. She has also received numerous accolades including the Skadden Fellowship. This is an award that is given to people who plan to practice in public interest law.

Tarra stated that there are a lot of things that she is not good at. However, she stated that she is good at academia. Even though Tarra has done everything that she was supposed to do to earn her degree, there are some people who believe that she should not.

The Washington State Board Association recommended that Tarra not receive her law license. The case went before the Washington State Supreme Court. Shon Hopwood is a professor of Georgetown Law School who supports Tarra. He is also a former bank robber. He stated that it is possible for people to be redeemed.

Shon stated that a person’s character is not static. The judges met for four hours and ultimately decided that Tarra could take the bar exam. She passed the bar exam and will be sworn in as an attorney on June 16. She has the support of her husband, son and stepdaughter. She met her husband while she was in drug addiction recovery.

Tarra stated that her husband has stepped up and helped her in many ways. She is $300,000 in debt from student loans. Fortunately, she will work for a non-profit organization for 10 years, and the debt will be forgiven.

Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/life/lifestyle/character-is-not-static-a-soon-to-be-lawyer-turns-rough-past-into-bright-future/

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