Harvey Weinstein Comes Under Heat Again For Sexual Assault

Harvey Weinstein has been severally featured in the news, not for his landmark achievements but for allegations of despicable acts while working in Hollywood. Many actresses have publicly accused him of sexual assault, allegations that he has blatantly denied. On Monday, a British actress filed a suit against Harvey Weinstein accusing him of sex trafficking. The actress claims that Weinstein invited her to his hotel room and assaulted her sexually.

Kadian Noble filed the lawsuit at the New York District Court accusing Weinstein of going against the federal sex trafficking laws. She claims the incident occurred in France on February 2014. Noble alleges that Weinstein coerced Kadian to perform sexual favors upon the promise of securing a role for her in a film.

Holly Baird, Weinstein’s spokeswoman claimed in an email that Mr. Weinstein has denied any allegations of sexual assault. According to Weinstein, none of the women who have accused him of non-consensual sex retaliated against his advances.
Noble also sued Weinstein’s brother, Bob, and the Weinstein Company, alleging that they knew about Harvey Weinstein’s conduct. Despite these strong allegations, none of the officials from the Weinstein Company could be reached to comment.

Kadian wants unspecified damages for her claim against Weinstein. The statute of limitation for sex trafficking law suits is 10 years. This means that Kadian’s lawsuit is still valid since the alleged act occurred three years ago.

Weinstein’s Is Disowned For Sexual Assault Allegations

Over 50 women have publicly accused Weinstein of sexual harassment or assault during his Hollywood career which is over three decades old. As a result of these allegations, Weinstein was permanently dismissed from the Weinstein Company. This is despite being the one who co-founded the company with his brother in 2005. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has also expelled Weinstein in an effort to distance itself from his careless and despicable conduct. The Directors Guild of America also confirmed Weinstein’s resignation from the institution.

Law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New York, and London are investigating the series of sexual assault claims against Weinstein, and are yet to give a comprehensive report on the same.

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