Jack Phillips and The Cake Legal Battles

A Controversial Lawsuit
Recently, Colorado Public Radio did an article about a lawsuit that is being brought up against Jack Phillips. Phillips is the owner of a Colorado based cake shop. Phillips had been in the news in previous years because of his refusal to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. In 2012, a discrimination complaint was filed against Phillips, and it made its way all the way to the Supreme Court. In the end, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Philips because the judges decided that Philips had been discriminated against.

What is Different about this New Lawsuit?
The lawsuit that has recently been raised against Phillips is taking the state of Colorado completely out of the equation. The attorney who is representing the transgender woman believes that they will win in state courts because there are no first amendment or religious implications that would allow this cake shop to discriminate against her. Apart from alleging that Phillips acted in a discriminatory way, the lawsuit also indicates that Phillips was deceptive in his wording.

What Does Phillips Say?
Jack Phillips says that he will not allow anyone to violate his Christian principles. With that, he has mentioned that he has often declined to make Halloween cakes and he also declines to make cakes that are disrespectful of LGBTQ people. Phillips believes that the government does not have the right to compel him to participate in the creation of any that would force him to promote a message that he does not agree with.

More on the Suit
This lawsuit is being filed by a transgender woman named Autumn Scardina. Scardina wanted Phillips to make her a cake to celebrate her gender transition and her birthdate. Scardina is hoping that the courts will take action against the discriminatory behavior that she claims to have experienced.

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