Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Is Still An Issue And The Democrats Want To Put That Issue To Bed

Being Donald Trump’s son-in-law opened a lot of doors for power-hungry Jared Kushner. Jared comes from the same real estate development swamp Trump dominated in the New York City and New Jersey. Kushner’s family business took a nosedive when Jared orchestrated a deal to buy a Fifth Ave office building. Jared paid too much to own a property so close to Trump’s backyard. Rumors of a Kushner bankruptcy were in the wind before Trump became president.

Kushner exhausted all his banking lifelines before jumping into Trumponomics with both feet. Even the mobsters that did business with Kushner thought he was part of the developer’s walking-dead club. But then something happened after Kushner made a couple of trips to the Middle East to promote peace. A group of wealthy Middle East businessmen bought Kushner’s Fifth Ave building, and Jared escaped bankruptcy hell.

According to NBC News, Mr. Trump gave Jared full reign in the White House. When the Trump’s took over Washington, Jared and Ivanka Trump ruled the White House until Kushner’s security clearance became an issue. Two White House security specialists thought Jared was a little too shady to read top-secret material. The specialists thought Kushner would fold under foreign influence, and they were right. Jared and the Saudi prince became besties. The prince stroked Jared’s ego and picked his brain while he plotted to commit an unthinkable crime.

The FBI didn’t like what they found in Jared’s past, but Carl Kline a former Pentagon employee overruled the FBI. Kline gave Jared the clearance he needed to continue reading classified documents. Kushner and 30 other people in the Trump administration got security clearances that didn’t deserve them thanks to Carl Kline. Trump seemed to reward Kline on the down-low for his loyalty. Mr. Kline is now the director of the personnel security office in the president’s executive office.

But now that the Democrats control the House, Kushner’s security clearance is on the line again. The CIA never gave Kushner the clearance he needed to read “sensitive compartmented information.” The CIA saw things in Kushner’s background that made him a poor candidate for such high-security clearance. The CIA couldn’t believe Kushner got any kind of security clearance let alone clearance to read top-secret material.

The Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Elijah Cummings told NBC News he wants to get to the bottom of the Kushner security clearance debacle. He wants to know if Trump pulled a few strings, and offered a few perks, in order to get the security clearance Kushner needed without passing the normal security clearance litmus test. Cummings wants to put an end to Trump’s nepotism before Kushner pulls off shadier international stunts.

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