Jerry Falwell Jr. Wants To Extend Trump’s Term By Two Years

The talks with China are in a political ditch. Trump wants to force the Chinese to change the way they do business, and that’s a big ask, according to a former U.S. ambassador to China. China did agree to buy more products from the U.S., and they will lower tariffs on American-made vehicles. They also agreed to stop the seemingly unlimited supply of fentanyl that comes to the U.S. from Chinese drug factories. But they won’t let Trump tell them how they run their government. And they want all the tariffs removed when they sign an agreement. Trump doesn’t want to do that.

Trump is full of requests, thanks to the Mueller report. According to, he wants Barr to investigate the investigators. That’s Trump’s new slogan on the campaign trail. Barr has his own issues now that the Democrats know his sole purpose as attorney general is to protect the president. The Democrats want to impeach Barr, but that won’t happen, according to the New York Times.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Barr to resign now that he showed the world he’s a liar. Barr lied to Congress when he said he didn’t know if Mueller had an issue with his four-page Trump gets-out-of-jail free card. Nancy also thinks Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses. But she knows starting the impeachment process is a waste of time. She wants the Democrats to solidly beat Trump in 2020. If it is a narrow Democratic victory, Pelosi thinks Trump will protest the vote to stay in office. She believes Trump will not leave office if a Democrat beats him by a narrow margin.

But Trump has other fires to put out now that Mueller may sit in front of Congress and tell them what he really found in his investigation. Trump claims the FBI spied on his campaign for no reason. And that’s why the investigation started. The FBI did spy after an Australian diplomat said George Papadopoulos told him the Russians had dirt on Clinton in 2016. The only way George would know that is if he talked to the Russians about exposing the Clinton dirt.

But even though Trump is up to his neck in the Washington swamp, Jerry Falwell Jr. thinks Trump deserves another two years in office. Jerry thinks Trump’s term should be six years instead of four. Falwell claims the Mueller investigation robbed Trump of two productive years. A Trump tweet confirms the president is on board with that idea. Mr. Trump believes even though he is the greatest president in history another two years in office would make him greater.

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