Jersey Shore Star Has A Situation Of His Own

Jersey Shore is a reality television show that appeared on MTV several years ago. One of the hit stars of the show Michael Sorrentino, who went under the stage name The Situation, is now in a heap of trouble. Michael Sorrentino was recently audited by the federal government, and the government discovered Michael did not report approximately two million dollars, which he made between 2011 to 2012.

In order to avoid a trial and face approximately 30 years in prison, Michael Sorrentino entered a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, and he was charged with deceiving the federal government. Michael Sorrentino is possibly going to face 2-5 years in prison, but Michael hopes he can get home confinement.

What made Michael Sorrentino decide to take a plea agreement was the fact that his brother, Marc Sorrentino, is the one handling the taxes. After Michael made approximately nine million dollars from the Jersey Shore show, Marc reported to the federal government that Michael only made five million dollars. Marc and Michael were charged for this, which is a separate case and investigation that is ongoing. After the prosecution team told Michael they were going to bring the ongoing investigation up during the trial, Michael decided to enter into a plea agreement. Michael’s attorney told him this decision is in his best interest and the best interest of his family.

Michael’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for the last week of February. A lot of media attention is expected to be given to this sentencing hearing, and Michael’s entire family is expected to be present at the hearing. Jersey Shore producers have not commented on this situation. However, an attorney for the Jersey Shore television show stated all money paid to Michael Sorrentino is documented and can be shown to authorities at any time.

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