Laura Wasser Reveals Top Reason That Celebrities Get Divorced

Many people do not care when celebrities decide to end their marriage. It happens so often that many people do not pay attention to it. However, many people are curious to know about what will happen after they get divorced. They want also want to know what caused the divorce.

Many people would be surprised to know that celebrities are not that different from us. Laura Wesser is an attorney whose practices focuses on family law. She has represented Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie in divorce court. She stated that the top reason that celebrities get divorced is because they grow apart.

On, Laura stated that celebrities do not always admit this, but this is the top reason that people split up. Money problems and adulterous affairs are some of the things that contribute to divorce. However, the underlying cause is that the couple is no longer on the same page.

Laura stated that the natural evolution of the couple is the reason that they grow apart. In many cases, a breakdown in communication is one of the reasons that couples split up. She stated that in order to maintain a successful relationship, you have to communicate with your partner.

Laura stated that even if you do not have a prenuptial agreement, there are things that you need to discuss with your partner. What religion will my children have? Will your parents live with us when they get old? When will we retire? Are you going to go back to work after having children? Will my children go to private or public school? Those are important things for people to discuss.

Laura also has advice for people who are going through a divorce. She stated that you should look at divorce as a business relationship. You have to leave the emotions out of it. You also have to figure out what is best for the both of you.

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