Are Law Schools Ignoring the LSAT?

Some law schools are moving away from the LSAT as the sole entrance exam for law school. LSAT stands for Law School Admissions Test. It used to be that a good score on the LSAT was the only way to get a big fat envelope in the mail that signaled admission to law school. The LSAT tests for logic and reading comprehension.

Today, some law schools are using the GRE as a standardized test for admission. Today, more than a dozen schools accept the GRE as a valid standardized test for law school admission including prestigious schools like Georgetown and Northwestern. More schools say they have plans to do the same thing.

However, other schools are backtracking on accepting the GRE for law school admission. George Washington Law School is one of these schools. George Washington no longer accepts the GRE. They say students must take the LSAT. Some students say they’re disappointed because they prepared for the GRE in hopes of earning a high enough score to impress George Washington admissions officials.

George Washington representatives apologized for the sudden change. They even agreed to compensate applicants for the costs of their GRE tests. They also extended their deadline to give students time to go take the LSAT.

George Washington School of Law admissions representatives say it’s important that they admit only students who are likely to be successful in law school. They say that the GRE doesn’t give enough information about whether a student will be successful in George Washington’s program of study. They say they have to study how students do at George Washington relative to their GRE scores. They say without that information, they may not be in compliance with standards from the American Bar Association that allow them to admit only applicants who have a high chance of success in law school.

Officials say that it’s okay for the school to be cautious in its admissions policies. With a legal education costing more than $100,000 in some cases, they say they shouldn’t play fast and loose with the futures of their students. They also say that preserving the integrity of their admissions process ensures the reputation of the school.

Critics of the GRE as a standardized test for law school admissions say that the GRE doesn’t do enough to test logic. They say that the LSAT does what it’s designed to do which is to determine which candidates are best prepared for law school. However, supporters of the GRE say that a student might have more than one way to demonstrate their potential for success.


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