Lawsuit Filed Against “Sex and the City” Star Over Contractual Breach

Celebrities may be accused of using jewelry and fashions to promote themselves, but one star is actually in trouble for inadequate promotion. The controversy centers around actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who is facing legal action from a British jewelry company that claims she has not done enough to promote its products.
Named after the actress, the new line of jewelry was produced by Kat Florence Design. In its breach of contract lawsuit filed in a U.S. federal court in New York, the company stated that Parker failed to fulfill the obligations stated in her contract, which promised her $5 million plus 10 percent of the company’s jewelry sales. The company claimed that after her initial involvement in the project and receipt of her payment, the actress failed to carry out her end of the agreement. She reportedly did no work for the company for a period of five months and did not even attend the party that was intended to help launch the jewelry line.
According to her contract, Parker was to have participated in numerous promotional events, including interviews, photographic sessions and an appearance at the opening of the company’s store in London. The store was established for the specific purpose of displaying the jewelry, but its subsequent closure was blamed directly on the inaction of Parker. Kat Florence further claimed that her inactivity has cost the company millions of dollars and essentially doomed the jewelry project. The lawsuit has targeted Parker and Tandu Productions, the company she created.
In successful breach of contract lawsuits, defendants can be forced to pay monetary damages or may even be required to carry out their required commitments. In this case, Kat Florence is demanding financial compensation for the losses it has incurred in the jewelry project. It has also asked for compensatory damages, which are intended to return an aggrieved party to the way it was prior to a conflict. The lawsuit can be read in its entirety at
Parker gained fame for portrayal of the character Carrie Bradshaw in the television series “Sex and the City,” which was in production from 1998 to 2004. Additionally, she has been associated with a variety of products, including her own perfume and her own line of fashions. Her promotional work included a $38 million contract with the Gap clothing store.

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