Lawyer Has $38,000 In Student Loan Debt Forgiven

One of the things that politicians have debated about the most is what to do about the student loan debt crisis. Many people have proposed student loan forgiveness. Jeffrey Morgan is an attorney who knows what it is like to have their student loan debt forgiven. He managed to get his student loan debt discharged by working for the Massachussetts Department of Mental Health.

Jeffrey participated in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. This is a program that allows people who work for a nonprofit or government agency for 10 years to get their student loan debt forgiven. They will also have to make payments on their student loans for 10 years.

Jeffrey had to fight hard to get student loan forgiveness. It is estimated that 95 percent of people who applied for student loan forgiveness got their application rejected. Jeffrey’s life has changed for the better since he got his student loan debt forgiven. He now has an easier time paying his rent. He also has more money to pay his private loans.

Most of Jeffrey’s student loan debt came from law school. He was able to use a scholarship to pay for his undergraduate degree. He also had a work-study job. Additionally, he paid a lot of his undergraduate debt before he went to the law school.

Jeffrey knew that he would have to take out additional loans in order to pay for law school. Even though Jeffrey got all of his federal loans forgiven, he still owes $67,000 in private loans. Jeffrey said that he took out student loans and hoped for the best. He does not know if he could have taken out fewer loans.

Even though Jeffrey has wiped out a lot of his student loan debt, his living expenses have increased. He still spends most of his money on his everyday expenses. He also has a side hustle.

Jeffrey wants to start a family, but his finances will not let him do it. He says that if he had not taken out student loan debt, then he would be able to start a family. However, he does not regret going to school to become an attorney. He finds his work to be rewarding.


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