Lawyer Giving Free Aid To Homeless People

A lawyer in Dover is helping homeless people get the legal help that they need. Alfred Cataflo III is giving free legal assistance to homeless people. Anyone who is staying at the homeless shelter located on 106 Brock Street in Rochester. Last week, the shelter asked for help from attorneys, auto mechanics and landlords. Alfred was one of the people who responded to the call.

Many homeless people have had legal issues with their landlords. They have not been able to get those issues resolved because they cannot afford an attorney. Most homeless people spend all of their money on trying to survive. Alfred said that he feels compelled to help. He stated that he hopes that he will be able to help these people get back on their feet.

Alfred comes to the shelter every Monday to meet with people. He also meets with people on the weekend. He stated that people have to be willing to help sometimes. He also stated that he is happy to help.

The Rochester Community Center is a temporary shelter. It opened in response to the record low temperatures. The city experienced a 10-day cold snap where the temperatures dropped to the single digits.

Alfred is hoping that other attorneys will respond to the call. He is also hoping that more resources will become available for the homeless people. The cold weather has brought attention to the homeless crisis. People’s lives are at risk. However, Alfred is hoping that people do not ignore this issue now that the cold snap is over.

Alfred stated that any homeless person who is interested in getting legal help should get in contact with him. They can call him at 742-7558. They can also email him at He looks forward to handling several legal cases involving housing and criminal issues.

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