Lawyer Says It Is Impossible For Man To Sue His Parents

A 27-year-old man from India recently went viral after he stated that he was going to sue his parents for giving birth to him. He stated that he did not give his parents consent to have him. The man, whose name is Raphael Samuel, stated that his parents should pay him for life. He also said that anyone who is born without their consent should be paid for life.

Raphael stated that he wants everyone to know that they do not owe their parents anything. He also said that parents should maintain their children for the rest of their lives. He said that he wishes he had not been born. Raphael stated that his life is not bad, but he wishes was he was not here.

Viva Frei is an attorney who has commented on this issue. He stated that this lawsuit is the stupidest thing that he has ever heard. He said that it is obvious that the man is doing this for publicity. He also stated that this can possibly be a social experiment.

Viva said that even though this lawsuit is stupid, he said that there is something that people can learn from it. You have to be able to prove fault, damages and a link between the two. Viva said that this lawsuit is not going to go anywhere.

Visa also stated that the man admitted that his life has been wonderful, so he has no reason to sue his parents. Additionally, he said that newborns do not require their parents’ consent. A newborn is not capable of giving consent by law.

Raphael is being slammed by people on social media. One person said that Raphael’s parents should counter-sue him for housing, food and educational costs. Another person stated that the man is ashamed of his actions, which is why he is disguising his looks.

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