It Is Legal For Landlords To Refuse To Rent People With Section 8

The Section 8 housing program is designed to make housing more affordable for people. However, there are many landlords in Charlotte, North Carolina who refuse to rent to people who have Section 8 vouchers. It may be unethical, but it is still legal. Mark Poulton is a property owner who has dozens of houses in Charlotte. He stated that there is a great demand for housing in his area.

Mark stated that he is selective about who he rents to. He refuses to rent to people who have Section 8 vouchers. He stated that the property has to be inspected before someone with a Section 8 voucher can move into it. This can take two weeks, which causes the landlord to lose money.

Shelly Fenly and Angela Hargrove are both Section 8 recipients. They stated that they have both had multiple landlords turn them down. Shelly stated that she had been turned down by 15 landlords.

Angela stated that she has faced a lot of discrimination because she was on Section 8. She stated that she has been treated like a bad person just because she was on Section 8. She believes that it is a form of income discrimination. A spokesperson for the Charlotte Housing Authority has stated that discriminating against people who have Section 8 makes it harder for people to get affordable housing.

Both Angela and Shelley believe that the laws should be changed so that landlords cannot refuse people with Section 8 vouchers. Braxton Winston III works for the City of Charlotte. He stated that everyone has the right to safe and affordable housing.

He also stated that if the laws are changed in Charlotte, then the issue may be taken to the state. It will be a lot like the situation that happened with the HB2 bill.

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