Man Loses Attorney License for Beating Dog

One man has lost his freedom and his law license all in one day. Corporate lawyer Anthony Pastor is a lawyer no more after he was convicted of beating his girlfriend’s dog to death. A jury convicted the 46-year-old of felony aggravated cruelty to animals. The jury also convicted him of other charges.

The dog’s name was Snoopy, and he was 4 years old. The jury handed down the convictions on May 9, 2017. The court said that Pastor showed malice and violence when he beat the dog. Pastor allegedly flew into a rage when the dog went to the bathroom inside. The court also said that their sentence is justified because the dog suffered in pain before dying from his injuries. Judge Robert Mandelbaum also criticized Pastor for going back to work on his computer rather than trying to get help for the dying dog. The judge said that Pastor’s violence in the incident is “almost incomprehensible.”

In his defense, Pastor’s lawyer Gerald Lefcourt says that Pastor suffered trauma as a child. He said that he was the only Jewish child at a boarding school, and that he suffered abuse in the environment. Lefcourt went on to say that Pastor is at a crossroads in his life. He said that Pastor wanted to repair his relationship with his son.

Largely rejecting Pastor’s pleas, Judge Mandelbaum pointed out the cruelty of the crime when handing down his sentence. The two years that Pastor is going to spend in prison is the maximum possible sentence for the crime. He also has to register in the state’s registry of animal abusers. The judge said that Pastor obviously demonstrated that he has the ability to act in a dangerous and violent way. The judge said that it was Pastor’s own actions that damaged his relationship with his son. He also called Pastor a “terrible father.”

Pastor has been the target of some threats. In response, on judge’s orders, law enforcement has given Pastor protective custody since May. The dog’s owner and Pastor’s then-girlfriend Taly Russell found the deceased dog. The dog had severe injuries including nine broken ribs. The dog had internal bleeding and injuries to his kidneys.

Another of Pastor’s ex girlfriends also testified that her dog died under similar circumstances. In addition, a landlord testified to having witnessed Pastor’s mistreatment of animals. Russell said that while she understands the sentence can’t bring Snoopy back, she hopes it will prevent violence against more animals.

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