Man Wants Free Burger King For Life Settlement Upheld

A free $7.89 meal every week is nothing to laugh about, especially when it’s time for lunch or something more than a midnight snack. To an Oregon man who was locked inside of a Burger King washroom for an hour and claims to have a life expectancy of 22 more years, that time has been calculated to be worth $9,026.16. Oh, he also suffered a small cut on his hand that didn’t require any treatment when Burger King employees gave him a fly swatter to try and unlock the bathroom door with. The man must be somewhere around 48 years-years-old. His lawyer estimates a diminished life expectancy of about five years as a result of his client’s frequent consumption of burgers.

According to Time, the “wrongfully imprisoned” man claims that the manager of a Burger King in Wood Village made him a settlement offer sometime around the middle of December in 2018. Although the specifics of the offer haven’t been disclosed, it was something in the nature of free food for the rest of his life. Apparently, the man accepted the offer. That deal worked out for a about a couple of weeks, but when Burger King’s regional manager learned of it, he rejected it. The “prisoner” has now filed a lawsuit involving the value of those lost meals. The amount in controversy was calculated that one burger would cost $7.89 per week. Whether that’s a Whopper meal or a Whopper Junior meal has yet to be disclosed. Nor has the size of the drink or fries, if any.

The man’s lawyer says that his client was presented with a settlement offer that he accepted. His position is that a deal was made, but who the deal was made with is what this case turns on. Was it made with Burger King’s franchisee, or was it made with Burger King? Did the manager who purportedly settled for free food for life even have authority to offer a settlement? Was there any valid settlement at all? Is being locked in a bathroom for an hour even worth more than $9,000?

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