Manafort Threw That Ukraine Election Interference Idea In Trump’s Conspiracy-Loving Lap In 2016

Gross Domestic Product growth dropped to 1.9 percent in September. Most economists claim that’s an excellent growth percentage. China’s GDP growth is six percent. And Europe has a Gross Domestic Product growth rate of 3.0 percent. All of those percentages were higher until Trump started his trade wars in order to achieve world trade dominance.

The head of Europe’s Central Bank told the press Trump’s tariffs put global manufacturing in the economic toilet. Supply chains went to hell. Logistic managers had to reconfigure trade routes and countries of origin.

Brexit still plays a role in the erosion of Europe’s GDP growth. Mr. Johnson got an extension from the EU until January 2020. So there’s still mud in the economic water. Mr. Trump told Johnson he might renege on his promise to give the U.K. an incredible trade agreement now that parliament made Boris their Brexit-bitch.

Pelosi told the press she’s ready to hold Trump’s feet to the impeachment fire. The Republicans can’t seem to come up with a legal strategy that would negate the testimony of several key witnesses who hand first-hand knowledge of the Zelensky phone conversation. Some Republicans say trying to quid-pro-quo-screw Zelensky is normal when presidents talk to each other. The Republicans also want to push the witch hunt term Trump likes to use when he talks about Shifty Adam Schiff.

Adam Schiff will prosecute Trump in front of the cameras when the impeachment hearings go public. Schiff knows Trump is a criminal. But Trump claims Schiff is the criminal for exposing his mobster-style presidency to the world.

Forty-nine percent of Americans are in Schiff’s impeachment corner, and 47 percent of Americans don’t think impeaching Trump is the right thing to do. Some of those Americans know Mitch McConnell and his band of Trumpians won’t throw the impeachment book at the Trumpster if the Judiciary Committee has enough evidence to draft articles of impeachment.

Trump’s dislike for Ukraine started when the Ukraine government became Hillary lovers in 2016. Paul Manafort, the head criminal in Trump’s 2016 campaign, started the rumor that Ukraine, not Russia interfered with the 2016 election. And he said there is an email server in Ukraine that proves it.

According to the NY Times, Mr. Trump took that lie and put it in his conspiracy theory handbook and made it a reality. Mike Mulvaney told the press that’s the reason Trump tried to screw Zelensky. He wanted Zelensky to admit the email server is in Ukraine.

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