Marijuana Remains Illegal In Indiana

Lawmakers in Indiana has been pushing for the legislation of recreational and medical marijuana. More states are legalizing marijuana. However, Gov. Eric Holcomb, remains opposed to marijuana legalizing. Marijuana has been legalized in Michigan. Medical marijuana has been legalized in Ohio, Illinois and Michigan.

Gov. Eric Holcomb stated that he does not want to legalize marijuana because the federal government says that it is illegal. The federal government currently classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. This means that it is not accepted for medical use and has a high chance for abuse.

Gov. Holcomb stated that marijuana use is a crime, and he is not willing to look at it any other way. However, he did sign a bill that legalized the sale and use of CBD oil. CBD oil comes from marijuana, but it only has a small amount of THC. Gov. Holcomb stated that marijuana is a gateway drug that could cause people to use more dangerous drugs.

He acknowledged that there may be medical benefits that can be reaped from using marijuana. However, he believes that more research needs to be done in order to study the health effects of it. Karen Tallian is a Democratic senator who supports marijuana legalization. She stated that marijuana legalization is at an all-time high. She believes that all states need to follow suit.

Jim Lucas is a Republican senator who supports marijuana legalization. He stated that people who support marijuana legalization often face opposition. He also pointed out the hypocrisy in marijuana being illegal. He stated that he does not understand how people can be against marijuana legalization and find nothing wrong with someone going to the store and buying liquor.

Gov. Holcomb stated that he is not worried about the state is losing by keeping marijuana illegal. He said that the state is in a good financial position.

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