Men Accused of Ending the Life of a Missing Woodland Teen Pleads not Guilty

Three men that were accused of killing two woodland teenagers that disappeared in the year 2016 pleaded not guilty before the court. On Friday, the three men were arraigned in Yolo Superior court. Jonathan Froste 21 years and Chandale Shannon 21 years were earlier arrested this month and were charged with murder. Jonathan’s elder brother David Froste whose aged 27 years was much older in prison serving a sentence of an unrelated case. On Friday, David Froste was charged with murder after the hearing. During the trial, all the three gentlemen pleaded not guilty. There was a fourth defendant that was aged 18 years. His name was Jesus Campos. Jesus had previously been arraigned in a juvenile court.

The four men were accused of killing Elijah Moore and Enrique Rios. The two teenagers were students at Cesar Chavez Community School that is based in Woodland. Moore was 17 years while Rios was just 16 years. The two were reported to have disappeared few weeks apart. Yolo County Sherriff’s partnered with Woodland authorities and the FBI to investigate the disappearance of these two teenagers. Elijah’s mother, Alicia Moore, revealed that the not-guilty pleas that were said by the three men were ridiculous and never made sense at all. Alicia went on to say that the men seemed arrogant about the issue. They were cocky and never took the issue as severe as it would have been.

Alicia continued to say that they appeared as if they had something that they were hiding. She added that what they were hiding had seemed to be so powerful and that it was going to free them. Alicia started getting emotional, saying that they ended the life of her baby and another baby. It was so evil of them and that the law was going to serve them right. After the suspects pleaded not guilty, the three attorneys representing the three parties spent most of the time arguing on when the preliminary hearing will take place. David Froste’s public defender, Martha Sequeira, suggested that the hearing takes place after ten court days.

Martha Sequeira revealed that the allegations against David Froste were not new to her. She continued to say that Froste was so eager and ready to proceed with the hearing. The other two private attorneys representing the rest of the defendants reported that they were issued with more than 500 pages of possible evidence from the prosecution a night before. They were pleading to be given more time so that they could go through the book and prepare for the next hearing.

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