Michael Cohen Wants A Reward For Blowing The Roof Off Trump’s Alleged Russian Business Deal

Americans heard Donald Trump’s message about Russia over and over again. Mr. Trump stands by that message. He didn’t have anything to do with Russia in terms of pending real estate deals or Russian interference in the 2016 election. But both Trumpian facts are now under a lot of scrutiny. Robert Mueller’s investigation has become more than an investigation into Russian collusion. His investigation is blowing the roof off Trump’s alleged cover-up. Mr. Trump and his team of unsavory associates and family members are in political hot water, and it looks like that hot water may burn one Trump family member.

Michael Cohen, a loyal Trump lawyer before and during the 2016 campaign, threw a legal hand grenade at Trump when he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress after meeting with Robert Mueller’s team. Cohen put a timeline on Trump’s quest to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. That timeline conflicts with Cohen’s original testimony before Congress. Cohen told Mueller the Trump Organization wanted a deal with the Russians and Putin knew about the project. The Trump Organization allegedly offered Putin a free penthouse in the new Moscow Trump Tower in exchange for his help. Mr. Cohen also said the deal didn’t fall through until June 2016. By that time, Trump was the Republican nominee.

Mr. Cohen wants a reduced sentence for cooperating with Mueller. That may happen, but some legal experts say he’ll spend four or five years behind bars. But whatever happens to Cohen will fade as Mueller exposes more lies from Trump loyalists. Campaign associates Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi are on the verge of cracking under Mueller’s legal tactics. They could join the other six Trump supporters who now have a prison term in their future.

But the Congressional spotlight now shines on Donald Trump Jr. Don Jr. said a few things under oath on his first trip to Capitol Hill. Young Donald claimed no knowledge or a little knowledge about a pending real estate deal in Russia. Cohen’s recent testimony shows Don Jr. played an instrumental role in the Russian Trump Tower deal as well as the Trump’s campaign quest to meet with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Now that the Democrats are in the driver’s seat in Congress, Don Jr. is in store from some heavy-duty grilling by the Congressmen on both sides of the aisle. The president knows Don Jr. may take the fall for being a loyal minion. News reporters will keep a close eye on what Mueller and Congress do next. And what the president says about his son’s alleged lying.

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