Mike Flynn’s New Lawyers Want His Sentencing Trial Dismissed

President Trump told the press he fired John Bolton. Mr. Trump said Bolton is a warmonger. Trump said he disagrees with Bolton’s approach to Iran and North Korea. Bolton didn’t want Trump to meet with the Taliban. But Trump wanted to show his voter base he could bring American troops home from Afghanistan on his own. His failed Camp David meeting with the Taliban was another Trump attempt to do things his way, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Bolton version of his firing didn’t match Trump’s account of the meeting the two men had the night before Trump announced Bolton’s exit. Bolton told Trump he planned to resign, but the president told him to sleep on it, and they would discuss his resignation in the morning. According to Bolton, his morning meeting with Trump never happened.

Mr. Trump got rid of three national security advisors in three years because they disagreed with his shoot-from-the-hit decision-making process. Now that Bolton’s out, the president can act like the security advisor through the Trumpian he names to replace Bolton. The Trump Administration is a group of Trump yes-men who do whatever it takes to make the Trumpster happy, according to the New York Times.

Eighty-year-old Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is a good example of the incompetence that runs through the White House like the plague, according to the Post. Ross threatened to fire the people at NOAA who disagreed with Trump’s claim that Dorian would impact Alabama. The president spent six days defending his Hippy Dippy Weatherman weather report before NOAA threw the National Weather Service scientists a curveball and agreed with Trump’s Alabama weather prediction.

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe wants to stop Trump from adding additional tariffs to Japanese autos and trucks so Abe told Trump Japan would buy tons of corn from American farmers. But Japanese agriculture officials claim Japan doesn’t need the corn. Japan has enough corn even though Abe told the press pests ate the Japanese corn crop this year.

Mike Flynn, the first Trump campaign official to plead guilty to inappropriate conversations with the Russian ambassador in 2016, will receive his sentence in December. According to Time.com, prosecutors told the judge to go easy and just give Flynn probation. But Flynn hired a new group of lawyers, and they want the judge to throw the case out.

Flynn’s lawyers say the Mueller investigation was an illegal debacle, and they accused prosecutors of misconduct. But the chance of Flynn getting a get-out-of-jail-free card is slim, according to the Times.

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