Mr. Trump’s Party Sticks Together Through Thick And Thin

The president let New York know if sea levels rise enough to flood parts of New York City the city should get mops and buckets ready. New York wants to build flood gates similar to the gates used in the Netherlands and Venice. It’s a 25-year project, and it will need federal support.

New York is not Trump-friendly territory, so he changed his legal residence from New York City to Miami Florida. The state wants to get its hands on Trump’s tax returns. According to several reports, Mr. Trump lowers the value of his company’s assets to avoid paying taxes, and he raises the value of his assets when he needs a bank loan.

The Queen reverse her Harry and Meghan story after she cooled down from being blindsided by her grandson. She knew Harry didn’t like the bad rap his bride got in the British press. Harry told brother William he was crazy for trying to stop his marriage after only one year of dating. William dated Kate for eight years, and Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla for years before they finally got married. Meghan didn’t fit the Royal mold,sccording to the British press. So Meghan told Harry to pack up and move to Canada with her, so she could act again and raise baby Archie as a normal child.

The economy is one of the president’s talking points when he performs at his political rallies. Mr.Trump likes to talk about low inflation and unemployment. But he leaves out the fact Gross Domestic Product growth slipped by more than 1% percent in 2019. And he doesn’t talk about the $1 trillion his free-spending policies add to the national debt every year for the next ten years. The U.S. economy faces challenges in 2020, and most of them come from Trump’s tariff wars.

The Bank of England may lower interest rates to stimulate Britain’s weak economy. Boris plans to leave the EU at the end of this year, but it’s unclear what kind of trade agreement he’ll get from the EU if he does.

The Republican Party continues to stand behind Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump’s voters demand Republican senators respect and protect the president. The Republicans won’t break away from Mr. Trump. According to several reports, 20 senators don’t agree with the president in private, but not in public.

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