MS-13 “Child” Gang Member Nabbed at Border

MS-13 was originally formed in Los Angeles as a street gang to protect its members from other street gangs. It’s a horribly violent and brutal international gang that has spread from the Pacific coast of the United States to the Atlantic Coast. It now has a presence in 42 states.

MS-13 prefers machetes and knives to guns for purposes of making an attack more agonizing. The street gang proliferated into Canada, Mexico and Central America. Most members have roots in El Salvador. MS-13 members are known for tattoos covering their bodies, often including their faces. They maintain control of a prison in El Salvador, and it’s reported that guards are so terrified of the prisoners that they won’t enter the prison. It’s guarded from the outside by the Salvadorian Army.

The United States Border Patrol reported that one MS-13 gang member was caught trying to sneak into the United States last week as an unaccompanied child. He was hoping to take advantage of the benefits of United States laws that give unaccompanied minors quick status in the country. The MS-13 member was part of a group of 61 undocumented immigrants that were nabbed in Arizona. Upon being interrogated, the man admitted to being an adult and an MS-13 member. He is from El Salvador and was purportedly trying to leave the gang.

As opposed to children from Mexico, unaccompanied children from El Salvador are given special consideration and treatment. Pursuant to United States immigration laws and policies, an unaccompanied child must be priority processed and released to social workers. Regardless of their unauthorized status of the children, social workers then attempt to match them with sponsors who will support and care for them in the United States.

After deportation proceedings are scheduled for unaccompanied children, most of them just vanish. Some of them simply gravitate into street gangs like MS-13. Others, like the subject apprehended in Arizona are already MS-13 members.

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