Mueller Has Another Trump Pal By The Short Hairs

Donald Trump’s Republican army may not be able to protect him when Mueller circles his indictment wagons around him, and he begins to show the world what Trump’s been hiding for the last two years. The old story ‘if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck,” it must be a duck rings out as campaign aide after campaign aide gets an indictment notice. Even Trump’s financial idols, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone are fair game in the Mueller investigation. Manafort has his orange suit on, and Stone may be wearing orange next if Jerome Corsi follows through and works out a plea deal with Mueller.

Corsi, the conspiracy theorist and conservative writer, and Roger Stone worked together during the campaign. Corsi got the down-low information on key Democratic figures during the campaign. Mueller’s team wants to know if Stone and WikiLeaks had something going on during the campaign. It smells like Stone played a role in getting WikiLeaks to release Hillary Clinton’s emails, according to the Democrats. Corsi supplied Stone with information, and Stone made sure WikiLeaks made the emails public. Stone denies that accusation, but Corsi may add some color to Stone’s story, according to the Washington Post.

Corsi wanted to help Trump. Corsi put the bug in Trump’s ear about Obama lying about his birthplace. But now that the Mueller team put the pressure on Corsi, he wants to come clean. He knows Mueller holds his fate in his legal hands, but he’s not sure he wants to throw Stone under the Mueller bus. According to the Washington Post, Stone said Corsi did what any investigative journalist would do to help his friends. Stone’s convinced Corsi’s action during the campaign have First Amendment protection.

Mr. Corsi claims Mueller and his team made his mind feel like “mush” after 40 hours on the Mueller hot seat. Corsi almost agreed to a plea before Thanksgiving, but he said he thought the prosecutors weren’t interested in what he had to say. He even said he felt like a victim and the Mueller team didn’t play nice. Mueller seems to get the truth out of wealthy scoundrels.

Mr. Trump had no comment when he heard about Corsi’s alleged plea. Corsi’s lawyer didn’t say much either. And as always, no comment from Mueller. He’s too busy trying to figure out what Trump’s easy answers mean to his Russian investigation. Mueller knows Trump has a tendency to stretch the truth like a string of silly putty, so for now, Trump’s part in Russia’s plan to embarrass Hillary Clinton remains a mystery.

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