The Mueller Grand Jury Is Still Working On The Trump Case According To Federal Prosecutors

Attorney General William Barr got his legal feet wet in a hurry once Mueller gave him his report. Mr. Barr was able to trim the more than 450-page report down to a four-page summary. Special Counsel Bob Mueller gave Barr a “heads-Up” three weeks before he actually gave Barr the written report. Mr. Muller told Barr his report didn’t include proof Trump colluded with the Russian government.

Mr. Barr’s summary gave lawyers all over the world something to argue about. But the Barr summary was not news for Mr. Trump. One White House lawyer knew the summary was going to make the president happy the day before Barr released the report. Mr. Trump got the word he was off the Mueller hook before he decided to hit a few balls with Kid Rock at Mar-a-Lago, according to the Washington Post.

Congress thinks Mr. Barr’s version of the Mueller report is a defensive move. Adam Schiff, the chair of the intel committee said Trump colluded, and he did it in plain sight. And Nancy Pelosi said Barr’s summary was more about protecting Trump than revealing the real information in the report. Mr. Barr exonerated Trump’s obstruction charge, according to Pelosi. Nancy thinks Mueller’s report does have evidence that Trump obstructed justice, but Mueller wants Congress to deal with Trump on that charge.

But in Trump’s world, he has a clean bill of crime from Bill Barr. Barr did what Trump wanted him to do when he asked him to serve as attorney general. Barr believes the president is above the law. He knew the Democrats would try to discredit his opinion. But the unverified win gave Trump the energy to claim victory as he ramps up his re-election campaign.

According to, Mr. Trump knows the Mueller report will still be a political and legal thorn in his side. The grand jury that Mueller used to expose Manafort, and the other Trumpians who had interactions with Russians during the campaign, is still hearing testimony that involves Trump activities during the campaign, according to federal prosecutor David Goodhand. Goodhand wants to unseal some documents from the Mueller investigation so he can get to the bottom of transactions an unnamed foreign corporation refuses to turn over to investigators.

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from this corporation, so Washington prosecutors are in full legal throttle mode. They want to solve this piece of the Mueller investigation. According to the New York Times, money laundering could be the issue in that part of the investigation. Trump still denies he helped Russia launder money through his association with Deutsche Bank.

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