Does Mueller Have Trump On The Slow Political Cook Setting?

The Trump reality show is pure gold for Hollywood screenwriters. Getting juicy material every hour that covers most of the sins man ever invented has to be like winning the lottery. And the great thing about the Donald Trump reality show is there’s no censorship. Trump’s reality show is borderline Scarface real. Forget the drugs and the accent, Trump hits all the bases when he lets his thumbs do his thinking. That may sound like a judgmental thought, but the Trump show is all about judging. Trump’s judging his voter base every time he sends a tweet. And, he judges how far he can push the limits of democracy and sleep at night.

Mr. Trump is one of those people who have street smarts and a rich daddy. Fortunately, Trump was able to abscond his father’s fortune while he dabbled in the world of New York City Guido-inspired building and buying. But Mr. Trump wanted more. He wanted to bring his style of politics into the White House but he had to wait until his three favorite kids got older. But what the president didn’t plan for was a special counsel investigation that will put all previous special counsel investigations to shame. The prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Robert Mueller, is the same prosecutor who put John Gotti Sr. behind bars.

Now that Mueller asked for leniency in the Michael Flynn case, more details about the Mueller investigation keep surfacing from the legal netherworld. Mr. Flynn cooperated with Mueller on three different investigations. Two of those ongoing investigations are still active. Mueller redacted the content until he’s ready to do his final made for TV presidency report.

Roger Stone wants to make sure he won’t lose his Republican membership and his membership to Mar-A-Lago, so he pleaded the fifth. Congress can ask Roger all the questions they want answered about Trump, the Russians, WikiLeaks, Jerome Corsi, and Donald Trump Jr., but he’s under the protection of the Fifth Amendment. But according to the Washington Post, Trump’s reality show may begin a new season if Mueller reveals more parts of the Russian smoking gun.

Trump and Stone will smile when they hear one of their homeboys in North Carolina, Representative Mark Meadows thinks the Michael Flynn story will help Mr. Trump. Meadows is a member of the House Freedom Caucus. Meadows believes that Flynn told Mueller there wasn’t any collusion. And he wants Fries with that.

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