The Mystery Killings of Women in Uganda

Uganda parliament has suspended its sittings due to a wave of crime that has swept through the country. Members of Uganda’s legislative body have put the government on notice due to a series of murders that are still unsolved. The parliamentarians vowed not to convene any meetings until a government report was issued on the matter. Many fear that these murders are being committed by a serial killer.

A parliamentary session that was conducted on Tuesday decided to delay its meetings for an indefinite period after government officials declined to give an explanation for the murder of women in the capital, Kampala.

Who is Killing Women in Uganda?

According to reports by the police, since June, 20 women have been murdered mysteriously. These killings have caused unrest in this peaceful East African nation. In a statement to the press, the police spokesman, Asan Kasingye dismissed claims that the killings were related. He reiterated that the authorities had no evidence pointing to the work of a serial killer. He implored Ugandan citizens to remain calm and to rest assured that investigations were still underway and that the perpetrators of these crimes would be brought to justice.

Reports by local media have told how a majority of the deceased women were assaulted sexually before being murdered. Many of these women died through strangulation.

The recent murder occurred on Monday. The killing was that of a young woman whose body was found near a car washing bay near Kampala town. This murder brings to 20 the number of women who have been murdered so far. On Tuesday, the police announced they had one suspect in custody. The suspect was found concealing himself at a healer’s shrine.

When the ministers charged with internal affairs and security failed to issue a report on the murders, an opposition parliamentarian raised a motion of suspending parliamentary sessions for an indefinite period. The lawmaker, Mr. Odonga Otto, is reported to have said that lawmakers had no business to conduct in the house up until they were appraised on the reason women were being murdered.

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