New York To Sue Weinstein Company Due To Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The attorney general for New York is suing Harvey Weinstein and his company for alleged sexual misconduct and harassment that went on for years. This move could have a negative impact for the studio and all involved. Weinstein is the co-founder of Miramax Studios. He was considered a very influential man before over 70 came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct and harassment. Others who came forward claimed he raped them. He stands by his testimony that he did not have any non-consensual sexual encounters with anyone.

The lawsuit claims that Mr. Weinstein and his company executives had failed multiple times to protect the employees from him. The civil suit also names his brother Bob Weinstein as well. He is the co-founder of the company. The studio had been in talks of selling the company to some investors who were led by the official of former President Obama’s administration. However, the suit is now putting the negotiations of that deal on hold. The suit was filed in part because of the reports claiming that the sale of Weinstein’s studio was imminent.

The state is also seeking an unspecified amount of money for restitution and damages for the harm done to his victims. In a recent statement, Weinstein’s attorney had said that a full investigation into many of these sexual harassment claims would be found to be without merit. Schneiderman said he used a subpoena in order to get around the signed Non-Disclosure Agreements that were signed by both Weinstein and his employees in order to attempt to hide from the scrutiny.

Back in October, the New York Times had first reported on the allegations about Weinstein’s sexual abuse allegations. The confirmation about the allegations have not yet been confirmed by Reuters. Since that time, many more women have come forward with their own allegations against Weinstein and other prominent men in the industries of entertainment, politics and business. Many victims have since come together to form the #MeToo movement using various social media platforms to share their sexual harassment stories in support of one another.

Harvey Weinstein has committed to embracing the investigation. However, he has said many times that he will work endlessly to defend himself against the allegations that have been brought against him. Many on his side feel that he is not without any fault. However, they do not feel that it is right for him to be charged in a criminal manner.


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