A No-Deal Brexit Will Be A Day-To-Day Game-Changer For U.K. Citizens

Most U.K. citizens know the odds are against Theresa May. EU leaders believe the U.K. Parliament won’t budge on the Irish border issue, so the EU thinks May won’t be able to make a deal they can live with before the March deadline.

EU citizens wanted the U.K. to stay when the Brits voted to leave in 2016. But their attitude about the split changed dramatically over the last three years. EU citizens want the U.K. to leave in March, and they don’t care if there’s a signed deal that makes their departure official.

U.K. citizens didn’t expect Parliament to put up such a lame fight with the EU. They thought leaving the EU would be easy. They didn’t expect they would walk out the EU door without a signed deal that would protect the way they live life day-to-day. But that’s going to happen unless May’s “Hail Mary” attempt to close the Brexit deal works.

The day after a no-deal Brexit, U.K. citizens will have to request a green card to prove they have insurance if they plan to drive to Europe. Insurance companies don’t charge citizens for green cards but it may take a month or more to get one. And their U.K. driver’s license won’t work in the EU after March 29th. They will need to buy an International Driver’s Permit to drive through Europe. And they will have to purchase a different one if they drive to Spain and France.

Plus, their old EU insurance card won’t work when they travel through Europe. The Brits will have to buy travel insurance if they plan a European trip. The Brits will also need a visa to visit Europe and visas aren’t cheap. A 90-day visa will cost $68 every time they apply for one. And if the Brits want to take their pets with them to Europe, they must prove their pets are healthy. They will need an animal health certificate from a registered veterinarian.

The good news is phone roaming charges won’t go into effect the day after a No-Brexit deal. But the phone companies said that might change. If the phone companies decide to implement roaming charges again that move would be a costly one for Brits who still have friends and relatives living in the EU. U.K. retirees who live in Europe and get a U.K. state pension may discover their pension is what the Brits living in Canada and Australia call a “frozen pension.” The U.K. government plans to uprate pensions in 2019 and 2020, but that won’t happen unless there is a signed Brexit deal.

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