Obama Donors Prepare To Back Biden

Some of the top donors who helped Obama are now planning to back Joe Biden. Joe Biden, who is the former vice president of the United States, recently announced that he will be running for president in 2020. The top 20 Obama donors stated that they will each be donating thousands of dollars to the Biden campaign.

Many of the people who supported Obama stated that they do not know who they will vote for in 2020. However, some donors have stated that they will be cutting a personal check to Biden. Steve Westly is a former state controller in California. He donated $500,000 to Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. He said that he will be donating to Biden’s 2020 campaign because he feels that Biden is qualified.

Denise Bauer is another one of Biden’s supporters. She is the former United States Ambassador to Belgium. She said that she had been encouraging Biden to run for president. She raised more than $4 million for Obama’s campaign.

Robert Zimmerman is a member of the Democratic National Committee. He is also a supporter of Joe Biden. He said that Biden is a strong candidate and can beat Trump. Additionally, Robert said that Biden will unite the party and the country.

Bill Eacho is an Obama fundraiser. He is also a Biden supporter. He stated that Biden is a great guy. He said that even though Biden is old, he is not too old for the job. However, he said that he wants to learn more about each candidate before he gets behind one.

Bill Stetson has raised $500,000 for both of Obama’s campaigns. He said that he is close to Biden and likes what he sees. However, he has to think about the big picture and what needs to be done to heal the country.

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