Tis’ The Season For The President To Re-Gift Presents According To Don Jr.

President Trump may be the fox the Democratic hounds in Washington want to catch and devour. But during the Christmas season, Mr. Trump is just another father who wants to give his children gifts that represent his love and affection. But some politicians argue that Trump is like the Grinch that stole Christmas. Bustle describes his un-Christmas-like policies make the holiday season feel more like a Nightmare on Elm Street, according to the Democrats.

But Trump still has a little Christmas joy running through his veins, according to his son Donald Trump Jr. Don Sr. didn’t want to give his oldest son the junior label, according to Ivana’s 2017 book. Trump thought he would lose credibility if Don Jr. turned out to be a loser. But that didn’t happen. After years of “Art of the Deal” conditioning, Don Jr. is his father’s son. He walks the walk and talks the talk that makes the Trump name such a bigoted, racist flamethrower in the Western World.

It’s no secret. Don Jr. would fall on his Trumpian sword for his dad. Little Don knows where the Russian ghosts went after the Trump organization allegedly put a deal together that put the family in the White House. He knows how to push the right political buttons to make Trump’s voter base explode in anger. Trump Jr. is a Donald, and he’s proud of it.

Don Jr. is so proud of his dad he doesn’t mind when the president gives him Christmas gifts that came from other people. He loves to get the old monogrammed Polo shirts and the other clothing that have the “DJT” mark of excellence in their fabric DNA. In fact, one year, Don Sr. gave Don Jr. a gift that Don Jr. gave him during a past Christmas season. It doesn’t bother Trump Sr. that he violates the rules of etiquette for re-gifting gifts without letting people know they didn’t really come from him.

But re-gifting holiday gifts is way down on the list of rule violations stamped with the Trump name. Don Jr. laughs when he talks about his dad’s lack of etiquette. He knows his dad has other qualities that make him the best dad during the Christmas season. Don Jr. likes to stand behind Don Sr. and defend him when the truth seems to pull a piece of the president’s resolve from his thick skin. And Donald Trump Jr. is proud to wear his dad’s old shirts and ties. They make him feel like the special son and a presidential possibility.

Pres. Trump’s Former Lawyer Michael Cohen Receives 3-Year Prison Sentence

President Donald Trump’s former attorney and consigliere Michael Cohen was sentenced December 12 to three years in federal prison following a confession in which Cohen described himself as a “blind loyalist” who concealed “dirty deeds” for Trump.

As he was being sentenced to his federal prison term, Cohen, 52, stood at the defense table in a courtroom wearing a dark suit gently nodding his head in shame with closed eyes. U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley III handed down his sentence in accordance with Cohen’s criminal admission of dishonesty about Trump’s business dealings in Russia and arranging monies for women who took bribes and claimed they had sexual relations with Trump.

Also in his confession, Cohen validated a suspicion long held by federal prosecutors that the former Trump Organization attorney’s criminal acts were made under the direct order of the President himself. Thus far, Cohen is the first and most senior figure in the Trump Organization to criminally inculpate the President for illegal acts under federal law.

The federal government had undertaken a two-year investigation of the Trump circle of intrigue prior to Cohen’s arrest, indictment, and sentencing. This investigation is ongoing and the Cohen case brings up the pertinent legal question of whether the sitting American President can be prosecuted under the laws of the U.S. Constitution.

As he spoke at Cohen’s sentencing hearing, Judge Pauley III gave the convicted attorney a small amount of esteem for admitting his guilt but went on to admonish Cohen by stating that his confession does not “wipe the slate clean.”

“Somewhere along the way Mr. Cohen appears to have lost his moral compass. As a lawyer, Mr. Cohen should have known better,” Judge Pauley III said, according to the Associated Press.

Cohen was also ordered by Judge Pauley III to pay an IRS restitution fee of $1.39 million dollars, submit a $500,000 dollar forfeiture, and pay an additional $100,000 for other court-related fees. Cohen must report to federal prison on March 6 and left his sentencing hearing without issuing a statement to the press. Prosecutors agreed that Cohen’s three-year sentence modestly satisfied the guidelines of the recommendations they desired. He could have gotten a four to five-year sentence under federal law.

However, Cohen did make a statement before the judge during his hearing.

“Time and time again, I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds rather than to listen to my own inner voice and my moral compass. My weakness can be characterized as a blind loyalty to Donald Trump, and I was weak for not having the strength to question and to refuse his demands,” Cohen said in his emotional speech.

The Million Dollar Speeding Ticket

A midnight traffic stop by the Gulf County Sheriff’s office in Florida netted nearly $500,000 in cash and about another $500,000 worth of drugs this week. The seized drugs consisted of more that 34,000 oxycodone pills, along with quantities of heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

The traffic stop occurred just before midnight when a 29-year-old man who was driving a blue Kia van was clocked traveling at 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. Aside from speeding, the driver had a brake light that wasn’t functioning. When deputies tried to make a traffic stop, the van turned north on Route 71. It then veered into the southbound lanes of traffic and onto the shoulder where it stopped. That’s when the driver of the van jumped out and ran into a nearby woods. Deputies followed and apprehended the man after a short chase. Nobody was injured.

According to the Panama City News Herald, when deputies returned to the van, they discovered a loaded 9 mm pistol along with ammunition within reach of the driver. A further search of the van turned up the cash, 34 plastic bags with about 1,000 oxycodone pills in each one, 25.5 grams of crack cocaine, 7.8 grams of “black tar” heroin and 2 pounds 9 ounces of marijuana. The street value of the drugs was estimated to be at $540,000.

A sheriff’s department spokesman has said the forfeiture process on the cash and van has already been started. He didn’t indicate what the funds might be used for. The driver of the Kia van has been charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to sell, trafficking in oxycodone, possession of heroin, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and multiple traffic offenses. He is being held on a $374,000 bond. Deputies were congratulated by the Gulf County Sheriff on the stop and seizure. Investigators aren’t sure of either the origin or destination of the drugs. They’re looking into a supply chain. The drug bust could be the largest in Gulf County history.

Gulf County continues to suffer after Hurricane Michael. Nearly a half million dollars would be a windfall for a small county that was devastated by the hurricane. Many residents continue to live in homes that have yet to be fully repaired since Michael.

James Comey Tells Congress The FBI Originally Thought Four People In The Trump Campaign Helped The Russians Interfere In The 2016 Election

Former FBI Director James Comey and Donald Trump don’t like each other. Comey hasn’t been as vocal about his dislike for Mr. Trump. But Trump hasn’t held back his contempt for Comey. Trump believes Comey helped Hillary Clinton by not charging her with a crime for using her personal emails to do government business. Mrs. Clinton used her personal email for four years, according to several news reports. Trump claims Clinton used her personal email with ill intent, and he never let up on Clinton during the campaign. Mr. Trump would get his voter base excited at rallies by shouting “Lock her up.”

According to the testimony Comey gave in front of two Congressional committees, the FBI started investigating the Trump campaign when they received information that a Trump campaign foreign policy advisor had a conversation with a person about the stolen Clinton emails. The person said the Russians had the emails and they would hurt Clinton. That story is new news, according to Independent.co.uk.

Most people thought the FBI started its Russian interference investigation when British spy Christopher Steele released a damaging dossier about Trump’s behavior in Russia during the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant. But the Steele information came months after the FBI got word that four people in Trump’s campaign were actively helping the Russians. Comey didn’t name those individuals. They are still part of Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

George Papadopoulos, a loyal Trump supporter attended the London meeting, according to Comey. Papadopoulos was one of the first Trump minions to fall during the Mueller investigation for lying to Congress. Mr. Papadopoulos just finished serving a 14-day sentence for his role in the Russian debacle.

Comey told his story in front of a Republican-led committee. The committee wants to know more about the FBI and the Justice Department’s actions during the 2016 campaign. The committee rehashed questions about the Justice Department and Comey activities during the campaign, but the Justice Department inspector general’s report previously answered those questions. Plus, Comey answered many of the questions in his book and when he gave public testimony to Congress months ago.

Trump believes Comey played a role in giving Clinton a pass during the campaign, but there’s no indication Comey did anything, but follow the rule of law, according to several news reports. But the Republicans want to show Comey’s actions were politically motivated and hurt the Trump campaign.

According To A Former Federal Prosecutor, Mueller’s Giving Trump A Front Row Seat To A Mobster Take Down

No one says it in public. Defamation of character, especially the character of a president, can be a legal nightmare. But some people who know the inner workings of New York City developers say Trump business methods mirror the business decisions of John Gotti Sr. No, no one calls Donald Trump a gangster. They just call him a businessman with gangster qualities.

Trump likes to battle in court. He likes the thrill of winning, and he blames others when he loses. The list of lawyers who represented Trump in some legal tussle is a long one. Lawyers have to walk the Trump legal walk if they want to stick around. Trump knew John Gotti had a loyal lawyer in Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn did work for Trump’s dad, Fred.

Cohn also had clients with mob connections. Mr. Cohn was Trump’s mentor, according to The Guardian. Cohn knew how to massage the law like a legal masseuse. He knew how to bob and weave in front of a jury. And he taught Trump how to use the law, as well as test the law, every chance he got.

Former Federal Prosecutor Elie Honig knows all about Roy Cohn. Eli worked for the southern district of New York when that office took down the Sicilian mafia. She also knows Robert Mueller from those federal prosecuting days. Honig said Mueller seems to be taking a page out the legal mobster takedown book. He’s methodically getting Trump loyalists to tell the truth. Mueller has successfully completed stage one of the Trump takedown. But Honig believes there are more stages to the Mueller investigation. There’s more Trump campaign fish to fry.

Mueller hasn’t gotten to the core of the Trump campaign group. Trump’s family visited Russia in 2015. They tried to get permission to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Mr. Mueller hasn’t gone after Donald Jr., Eric Trump, or Jared Kushner yet. But all three seem to be fair game. Some reports say all three had contact with Russians for alleged campaign reasons. Obviously, they know Trump’s truth is always the right truth. Mueller’s job is to find the information to break down that truth.

Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Jerome Corsi made their choice. Flynn and Cohen gave Mueller more legal ammunition, and Manafort, Stone, and Corsi plan to go down with the presidential ship if Mueller’s investigation finds the keys that unlock the legal truth.

The President Is Getting On Putin’s KGB Nerves

The July 2018 Putin-Trump bromance is just an old news report now. Whatever deal Trump made with Putin behind Helsinki closed doors is a mystery. But it looked like the two CEOs of these gigantic corporations were ready to announce a merger. Trump threw his own intelligence community under the Russian-interference bus to protect Putin. American reporters knew something ethereal just happened, but they had to temper what they saw. Trump and Putin stood united even though Mueller issued indictments against the Russian hackers.

When Mueller’s investigation turned up the heat on Mr. Trump by releasing Michael Cohen’s description of Trump’s business relationship with Russia, Trump knew he had to act fast. The president couldn’t embrace Putin at the G20 Summit in November. That would be like running to daddy to ask him what to do now that Mueller’s knows Putin has a free $50 million penthouse coming in the Trump Tower Moscow. According to documents released by Mr. Mueller, the Trump Organization pursued the Moscow Trump Tower deal while Trump was the Republican nominee. And that Putin penthouse deal was Putin bonus for giving his blessing to build it.

When Trump canceled his meeting with Putin at the G20 and gave the Russians a lame excuse, the news reports coming out of Russia about Trump changed. When Trump first got the big job, most Russians thought relations between the two countries would improve. And that looked like a serious possibility last July. But the Russian’s didn’t buy Trump’s excuse.

That meeting snub along with Trump’s plan to pull out of that long-running nuclear treaty gave the Russian press an opportunity to say the White House brand on the world market is Trump’s unpredictability and volatility. It sounds like there’s a hidden message in that Russian message. It almost sounds like Putin’s telling Trump he’s not following the game plan, according to some news reports.

Putin knows Trump didn’t follow KGB protocol when Mr. Trump and his campaign officials did their part of the campaign deal. Now that Trump’s campaign knights put Trump in a neck-deep pool of legal sharks, it’s every man for himself, according to the Russians. They know Trump will find a way to pass the blame, and Putin knows that’s the unpredictable part of the president he played a role in electing, according to the Democrats.

Does Mueller Have Trump On The Slow Political Cook Setting?

The Trump reality show is pure gold for Hollywood screenwriters. Getting juicy material every hour that covers most of the sins man ever invented has to be like winning the lottery. And the great thing about the Donald Trump reality show is there’s no censorship. Trump’s reality show is borderline Scarface real. Forget the drugs and the accent, Trump hits all the bases when he lets his thumbs do his thinking. That may sound like a judgmental thought, but the Trump show is all about judging. Trump’s judging his voter base every time he sends a tweet. And, he judges how far he can push the limits of democracy and sleep at night.

Mr. Trump is one of those people who have street smarts and a rich daddy. Fortunately, Trump was able to abscond his father’s fortune while he dabbled in the world of New York City Guido-inspired building and buying. But Mr. Trump wanted more. He wanted to bring his style of politics into the White House but he had to wait until his three favorite kids got older. But what the president didn’t plan for was a special counsel investigation that will put all previous special counsel investigations to shame. The prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Robert Mueller, is the same prosecutor who put John Gotti Sr. behind bars.

Now that Mueller asked for leniency in the Michael Flynn case, more details about the Mueller investigation keep surfacing from the legal netherworld. Mr. Flynn cooperated with Mueller on three different investigations. Two of those ongoing investigations are still active. Mueller redacted the content until he’s ready to do his final made for TV presidency report.

Roger Stone wants to make sure he won’t lose his Republican membership and his membership to Mar-A-Lago, so he pleaded the fifth. Congress can ask Roger all the questions they want answered about Trump, the Russians, WikiLeaks, Jerome Corsi, and Donald Trump Jr., but he’s under the protection of the Fifth Amendment. But according to the Washington Post, Trump’s reality show may begin a new season if Mueller reveals more parts of the Russian smoking gun.

Trump and Stone will smile when they hear one of their homeboys in North Carolina, Representative Mark Meadows thinks the Michael Flynn story will help Mr. Trump. Meadows is a member of the House Freedom Caucus. Meadows believes that Flynn told Mueller there wasn’t any collusion. And he wants Fries with that.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thinks He Might Be Done With Politics

Jeff Sessions, the Alabama lawyer, judge, and blatant racist did his best to get on Donald Trump’s good side during the 2016 campaign. Sessions was one of the first Republicans to support Trump. Trump didn’t know Sessions before the campaign. But Mr. Trump knew Sessions had the same thoughts as he did about immigration, and gays serving in the military. Sessions proved he was a closet racist on many occasions while he served the state of Alabama. But Jeff saw the chance of a lifetime when Trump told him he might be his attorney general. Sessions became a Trump loyalis0t. And according to CNBC, that was the decision that sealed his fate.

From that point on, Jeff Sessions was a make America great again cheerleader. He wanted to repeal state marijuana laws. And with the help of Trump and White House lawyer Don McGahn, he put conservative judges on benches across the country. Sessions and McGahn also came up with the idea to separate kids from their parents at the border. Mr. Sessions did everything Mr. Trump wanted him to do except watch over Mueller’s Russian investigation. When Sessions recused himself from the investigation, Trump lost it. Sessions became Trump’s Twitter target. Trump belittled Sessions every time his thumbs did the talking. Trump wanted to throw Sessions to the curb as soon as he recused himself, but Jeff has a lot of friends in the Senate and they protected him.

But after Trump got a down-home beating in the midterm elections, it was time to send Jeff Sessions back to Alabama. Trump fired Mr. Sessions, and he put another Trump loyalist in his place. But Trump didn’t just fire Sessions. He embarrassed and belittled him in public. Trump showed no mercy. Sessions left Washington with his tail between his legs.

Jeff recently told Politico he might hang up his political spurs. Some Alabama voters want him to run to get his old Senate seat back. But Sessions said he’s done with politics. Trump took what every politician needs to function in the big political league. Trump took Sessions will to serve away. The president painted a cartoon picture of Sessions, and Jeff had to take it without fighting back. He tried to get Trump to let up on him by turning the border and immigration issues into a legal free-for-all. But stomping on human rights wasn’t enough to change Trump’s mind. So the president parted ways with Jeff after the midterms.

Some news reports say Jeff Sessions is an old-school southern politician. He believes in justice for all, with exceptions. Jeff got the justice he deserved without exceptions, according to several news reports.

State Bar Association Fees Overturned by US Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court has announced its decision supporting North Dakota lawyer Arnold Fleck. This Bismark, North Dakota, divorce lawyer said that he should not be forced to pay dues to the State Bar Association of North Dakota in order to practice law, and the United States Supreme Court agreed with him.

Earlier the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at St. Louis ruled in favor of the State Bar Association of North Dakota arguing that the state had the right to determine who could practice law in their state. Fleck, represented by the Goldwater Institute, argued that being forced to join the organization made him give money to political ideas that he could not support.

The case dates back to when North Dakota voters were asked to support Measure 6. The measure would have presumed that each parent had an equal right to parent unless the court was shown compelling reasons why one parent should have their rights revoked. Fleck spent a lot of time and energy supporting Measure 6 that the voters did not pass. Meanwhile, the state bar association spent resources helping to defeat the measure.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Fleck in August 2017. In North Dakota, lawyers must pay an annual fee to the state bar for the right to practice law in the state. The lower court found that when Fleck wrote the check to pay the state bar, he opted-in knowing that part of his money might go to support causes that he did not agree with at the time.

Before the case went to court, the State Bar Association of North Dakota changed their rules to allow lawyers to opt out of non-germane expenses. Fleck argued that lawyers should instead have to opt-in to these expenses or their First Amendment rights were not protected. The United States Supreme Court agreed with Fleck.

Read More: https://www.jurist.org/news/2018/12/supreme-court-sends-dispute-over-mandatory-state-bar-association-fees-back-to-lower-court/

Trump And China Agree To A Trade Ceasefire

Trump didn’t hold a press conference at the G20 Summit on Saturday out of respect for the passing of George H. W. Bush. But the news that Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping decided to give each other a little trade slack did hit the press on Sunday morning. Mr. Trump said he wouldn’t impose a 25 percent tariff on the remaining $200 billion in Chinese exports that currently have a 10 percent tariff status. And the Chinese president said China would buy more from the United States to reduce the gap in trade.

The trade ceasefire will help shaky financial markets be a little less shaky, according to the New York Times. But even though Trump calls the truce a win, it’s more like a pause in the battle. Trump didn’t hold a press conference at the G20 Summit on Saturday out of respect for the passing of George H. W. Bush. But the news that Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping decided to give each other a little trade slack did hit the press on Sunday morning. Mr. Trump said he wouldn’t impose a 25 percent tariff on the remaining $200 billion in Chinese exports that currently have a 10 percent tariff status. And the Chinese president said China would buy more from the United States to reduce the gap in trade.

Both sides agreed to finalize their differences in 90 days. If China doesn’t give in to Trump’s request to change their trade policy, Trump will change the duty rate on all Chinese good to 25 percent. The Chinese products that already have a 25 percent duty rate are products found in other consumer products so middlemen and wholesalers took the tariff punch for that merchandise. They absorbed the cost of the additional duty. But if Trump doesn’t get his way, the other $200 billion in Chinese merchandise like clothing, toys, and shoes will directly impact American consumers.

Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Trade Minister said China would expand U.S. imports, but only if those imports met the demand of Chinese consumers. In other words, China might import more goods from the United States if Chinese consumers want them.

Some news reports say the trade ceasefire reminds them of the deal Trump has with North Korea. Trump called his meeting with Kim Jon Un, North Korea’s leader, a win for the American people by averting a nuclear showdown with Kim. But North Korea hasn’t stopped working on their nuclear program. The only thing North Korea did was try to mend fences with South Korea. And Trump didn’t play a role in that reunion.

The G20 Summit did help Trump get away from the alligators swimming in the Washington swamp. And it helped the other 19 G20 members do what they had to do to reinforce their commitment to the Paris Climate Accord and other joint projects. Trump wasn’t his normal destructive self at the meeting. He didn’t intentionally try to irritate German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But he did have a short meeting with Russian President Putin. The topic of that meeting is still a mystery.

Trump Wants To Meet North Korean President Kim Jong Un In 2019

Trump lies to call Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man.” Kim comes from a long line of Korean strongmen who isolated North Korea from the rest of the world. Even since the end of the Korean War, North Korea kept a relatively low profile. Kim maintained a business and trade relationship with China and a couple of other countries that don’t like the way the United States plays the foreign relations game.

President Kim kept the West on nuclear notice. Kim let the world know he’s still a player on the international scene by testing North Korean missile distances. He took great pride in letting the world know his missiles could reach the United States mainland. And he wasn’t afraid to tell the world his nuclear program was ready for action if what he called, “the imperialists in the United States” wanted to go a few nuclear rounds with him. His nuclear chest thumbing got loud and scary when Trump became president. Before Trump took office, Kim would shake the political trees in the United States from time to time, but it seems Trump’s win gave Kim new purpose.

The North Korean saw an opportunity when Trump beat his political chest and dared Kim to follow through on his threats. Trump knew Kim wouldn’t back down. The North Koreans were looking for a little respect from the United States. Kim thought Trump was the guy who could make that happen.

Mr. Trump set up a meeting with Trump to show his voter base he could tame the nuclear menace by using Trump philosophy on the dictator. And Kim thought he could get the brutal sanctions lifted if he made it look like he would do what Trump wanted. Trump wanted Kim to end his nuclear program and act like a Trump fan. Kim knew Trump needed a win back home so he said his country would stop their nuclear program.

But in true Kim Jong Un form, the deal with Trump was more about perceptions than reality. North Korea hasn’t put a plug on its nuclear efforts, according to Rappler’s news report. So Trump wants to set up another meeting in 2019, according to Reuters.

Trump said he wants to meet Kim in January or February to talk about what they talked about in 2018. Kim might accept that invitation if Trump sweetens the deal in some way. Going toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the world stage gives Kim more power. And meeting with Kim gives Trump the distraction factor he needs to dance around more damaging Mueller information.

Michael Cohen Wants A Reward For Blowing The Roof Off Trump’s Alleged Russian Business Deal

Americans heard Donald Trump’s message about Russia over and over again. Mr. Trump stands by that message. He didn’t have anything to do with Russia in terms of pending real estate deals or Russian interference in the 2016 election. But both Trumpian facts are now under a lot of scrutiny. Robert Mueller’s investigation has become more than an investigation into Russian collusion. His investigation is blowing the roof off Trump’s alleged cover-up. Mr. Trump and his team of unsavory associates and family members are in political hot water, and it looks like that hot water may burn one Trump family member.

Michael Cohen, a loyal Trump lawyer before and during the 2016 campaign, threw a legal hand grenade at Trump when he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress after meeting with Robert Mueller’s team. Cohen put a timeline on Trump’s quest to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. That timeline conflicts with Cohen’s original testimony before Congress. Cohen told Mueller the Trump Organization wanted a deal with the Russians and Putin knew about the project. The Trump Organization allegedly offered Putin a free penthouse in the new Moscow Trump Tower in exchange for his help. Mr. Cohen also said the deal didn’t fall through until June 2016. By that time, Trump was the Republican nominee.

Mr. Cohen wants a reduced sentence for cooperating with Mueller. That may happen, but some legal experts say he’ll spend four or five years behind bars. But whatever happens to Cohen will fade as Mueller exposes more lies from Trump loyalists. Campaign associates Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi are on the verge of cracking under Mueller’s legal tactics. They could join the other six Trump supporters who now have a prison term in their future.

But the Congressional spotlight now shines on Donald Trump Jr. Don Jr. said a few things under oath on his first trip to Capitol Hill. Young Donald claimed no knowledge or a little knowledge about a pending real estate deal in Russia. Cohen’s recent testimony shows Don Jr. played an instrumental role in the Russian Trump Tower deal as well as the Trump’s campaign quest to meet with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Now that the Democrats are in the driver’s seat in Congress, Don Jr. is in store from some heavy-duty grilling by the Congressmen on both sides of the aisle. The president knows Don Jr. may take the fall for being a loyal minion. News reporters will keep a close eye on what Mueller and Congress do next. And what the president says about his son’s alleged lying.

Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Just Gave Mueller An Early Christmas Gift

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer told Mueller’s team he lied to Congress when he said Trump wasn’t trying to make a business deal with Putin during the 2016 campaign. Trump said Cohen’s lying, but at last count, four former Trump campaign officials are in line for orange jumpsuits. Another Trump supporter, Roger Stone, could be next. Stone got a supporting role in the campaign through his connections with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Jerome Corsi, a conservative conspiracy theorist got on the Trump campaign wagon because they both believe Obama is a Muslim. And according to the Mueller investigation leaks, Corsi supplied Stone with information on high-level Democrats. Mr. Stone allegedly passed the information to Assange. Corsi did have a plea deal in place with Mueller, but he changed his mind.

Six close friends of Donald Trump had some kind of interaction with the Russians during the campaign. And when you add Don Jr.’s name, it’s seven. Don Jr. attended the Trump Tower meeting with Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner makes eight. But the president continues to tell his followers he had nothing to do with the Russians during the campaign. But he did ask them to look into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Trump has beefed up his attacks on Mueller because Paul Manafort’s lawyer called Trump’s lawyer. Some legal experts say that’s a foul, but it’s anybody’s guess what they talked about. But according to the Washington Post, Trump stepped up his tweet attacks on Mueller after the phone conversation between Rudy Giuliani and Paul Manafort’s lawyer. And to add more intrigue into the mix, Trump left the door open for a Paul Manafort pardon after that phone call.

All the reports about Donald Trump and the Russians seem to have a common thread running through them, according to some political analysis. Trump and Putin are businessmen. Trump wants to do business in Russia, and Putin wants to do more business deals in the United States, according to conspiracy theorists. With Clinton out of the way, and Trump running the global show like a bad Nintendo player, Putin has a chance to screw Democracy the good old Soviet way, according to several news reports. No one knows the full story yet, but Mueller thinks he’s got part of the story figured out. Putin helped Trump get elected, but Mueller can’t say that without proof. Some people say Trump’s relationship with Paul Manafort is that proof.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/michael-cohen-trump-russia-investigation-plea-deal-mueller-lies-congress-moscow-tower-project-a8660876.html

Trump’s Lawyers Are Digging In To Defend Trump From Mueller’s Report

Mueller’s back on Trump’s bad nerve. The Mueller investigation just indicted another Trump campaign undercover agent. Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist, and writer, allegedly gave Trump information about Democratic leaders through Roger Stone. Corsi and Trump got to hang out because they both think Obama tore a page out of the Trump’s handbook and lied about his birthplace.

But the Corsi indictment adds another piece to the Mueller collusion puzzle. Mueller seems to have Trump and several members of his family in his crosshairs, according to some news reports. But he’s not going to indict Trump or any members of his family. He’ll let the Democratic Congress do that when they get together in 2019. Mueller has all the information on the Trump campaign debacle, according to an-ex Mueller aide.

According to Alan Dershowitz, a well-known Harvard professor and frequent Trump advisor, Trump’s attorneys already know what Mueller knows, and they are digging in to launch a credibility campaign that includes the normal Trump exaggerations, victim-like messages, and vintage Trump flip the story statements. In fact, Mr. Trump already started his campaign to discredit the Mueller investigation. A recent Trump tweet makes it sound like Mueller didn’t interview all the people on his campaign. He didn’t interview the people who never had interactions with Russians. Imagine that. Then he sent another tweet that tries to bring the Democrats into focus in order to deflect some heat.

Trump’s new tweet seems to indicate he already knows what’s coming. He also knows his buddy Attorney General Matt Whitaker will drag his feet in releasing the information to anyone but Congress if he wants to still be one of Trump’s homeboys.

Despite Trump’s camera demeanor, some aides say he’s feeling the pressure. He knows the settlers are circling their get-even wagons around him, and he’s not sure who he’ll blame to get out of the mess he underhandedly orchestrated. Most Trumpians won’t care what Trump did or didn’t do after Trump and his attorneys paint a picture of the world the way Trump sees it. Those people threw the dice and bet their paychecks on Trump. He sold them a piece of P. T. Barnum’s pie, and they’re still eating it, according to Trump opponents. In fact, some Trumpians can’t stop eating what Trump serves them.

Full Report: http://www.fltimes.com/tns/washington/trump-s-joint-defense-agreement-with-manafort-could-amount-to/article_54e2e9ac-9504-5ef3-b623-613d4a9f4c76.html

Wedding Barn Fiery Debate

In Wisconsin, it’s not at all unusual to rent out a barn for a private party or even a wedding reception. What has come to issue now is whether barn owners who rent their barns for private events must follow state laws that are aimed as businesses that sell alcohol. Wisconsin’s outgoing attorney general has now given his opinion on the issue. His conclusion is that barn owners must comply with state liquor laws, even for private events. That opinion isn’t binding though.

Given the high level of alcohol consumption in Wisconsin, the state’s Tavern League has strong lobbying power in Madison. The Tavern League is said to want to eliminate its competition. As per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Tavern League’s chief lobbyist contends that the league’s members are in compliance with all state laws. He is accusing barn owners of “running us out of business because of the significant advantage they have over us.” According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, liquor licenses in Wisconsin can cost up to $30,000 for businesses in newly developed districts that are appraised at $20 million.

A spokesman from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty says that the issue is a matter of competition that the Tavern League doesn’t want. He remarked that the broad interpretation of Wisconsin’s liquor laws would mean that somebody renting out their home would require a permit before anybody could consume alcoholic beverages on the premises. The attorney general maintains that his analysis of state law is impartial and purely based on applicable statutes.

According to USA Today, Wisconsin is the drunkest state in the United States behind South Dakota. This stormy debate comes after 2015 guidelines were released by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services that require repurposed agricultural facilities that are used as buildings for use by the public to comply with the state’s public building code. There is presently an exception for barn owners. More traditional wedding sites say that barns are both unsafe and unfair. Most municipalities don’t require wedding barns to have liquor licenses or licensed bartenders.