A Looming Legal Controversy Prompts Boeing to Replace Its CEO

Today, the crash of a jetliner holds numerous ramifications. Lawsuits typically ensue when an accident causes injuries and deaths. Boeing, one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the United States, revealed this week that the company would replace its Chief Executive Officer after he failed to prevent a controversy from escalating and attracting ongoing media attention. Boeing Chairman David Calhoun will assume Dennis Muilenburg’s vacated post on January 13, 2020, reports Wall Street Journal.

Deadly Plane Crashes

Boeing became enmeshed in legal disputes following two tragic recent airline disasters involving its 737 MAX passenger jets. In October, 2018, a 737 MAX aircraft manufactured by Boeing inexplicably crashed in Indonesia, killing everyone on board. A second fatal accident involving the same brand occurred in Ethiopia in March, 2019. The two crashes caused a total of 346 deaths.

Federal regulators asked Boeing to ground its 737 MAX aircraft following the second disaster. Concern surrounding the source of the malfunctions created a whirlwind of media controversy. The accidents also sparked extensive legal filings. Following the accident in Ethiopia, for example, people purporting to represent U.S. legal firms reportedly began contacting many of the survivors of crash victims in Ethiopia, seeking permission to represent them in future actions. Boeing currently finds itself defending some 114 lawsuits filed in Chicago as a result of the air disasters.

A Crisis of Confidence

The ongoing media attention surrounding the 737 MAX line and the recent court filings hold the potential to keep the recent air disasters as a focus of media attention during coming months. The tragedy has reportedly already imposed significant financial costs upon the aircraft manufacturer. Some reports indicate Boeing will have sustained an estimated loss of $9 billion by the end of 2019. Its financial setbacks might adversely impact the U.S. economy in the opinion of some experts.

During the brief interim period between the departure of Boeing’s previous CEO and the arrival of its new CEO, CFO Greg Smith assumes responsibility for managing the firm. The decision to replace Mr. Muilenburg reportedly originated at the level of the company’s Board of Directors. Some sources indicate the departing CEO may qualify to receive a $39 million severance package.

The Most Significant Legal News Stories of 2019 in the U.S.

The American legal landscape has always been dynamic, and the year 2019 was no exception. According to the American Bar Association, the following news stories had a profound impact in 2019, and some of them will likely shape future developments in the legal as we begin a new decade:

An American Version of the General Data Privacy Rule

Member nations of the European Union have been easing into GDPR, and technology firms that focus on compliance have been offering platforms to business entities in the United States that deal with EU associates, vendors, and customers. In 2019, California became the first American jurisdiction to implement a new law and regulatory framework similar to GDPR; legislative analysts believe that this will be an emerging trend to keep an eye on for 2020. Vermont also enacted new laws dealing with consumer data privacy, but it mostly geared towards oversight of third-party information brokers.

No One is Above the Law

Abuse of power was an issue that was not only limited to the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump. When more than a dozen Marine Corps infantrymen were arrested on charges of migrant smuggling and drug trafficking earlier this year, their commanders waited until Friday battalion formation to put on a dramatic show of the suspects being taken away by agents from the Naval Criminal Investigation Service. A judge would later rule that the commanders abused their military rank and respective powers when they orchestrated the mass arrest, which was even filmed and shared on social networks.

More Legal Issues for Facebook

The world’s most popular social network was ordered to pay a $5 billion fine by the Federal Trade Commission with regard to the Cambridge Analytica political scandal, which was also related to the political campaign that elected President Donald Trump. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was called to provided testimony before Congress on two occasions, and many questions remain about the viable future of the company as it prepares to develop a cryptocurrency project.

The Year of Facial Recognition

Does technology result in mass surveillance, or is it the other way around? American government agencies are beginning to incorporate facial recognition technology for various purposes, but privacy advocates are extremely concerned about the various ways this biometrics process could be used. In San Francisco, pressure from the public and privacy-focused groups prompted city officials to prohibit the use of facial recognition until certain safeguards can be put into place.

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On Protections for the Offended Observer

In 2014, the American Humanist Association or AHA filed suit against the use of a cross on public land. The cross in consideration was placed along the National Defense Highway in 1918 as a memorial to those lost in World War 1.

Purpose of the Cross

The use of the cross as a memorial symbol of World War 1 is found across Europe as well as in the United States. The cross placed in contention by the 2014 lawsuit is referred to as The Peace Cross and features the world “Valor” as well as the names of 49 soldiers lost in the war from Price George’s County, Maryland. It’s important to note that, while the cross is named The Peace Cross, the word Peace is not featured anywhere in the text on the cross.

Cross as Familiar Symbol

The familiarity of the cross in the western culture is well-known. That being said, the cross is not limited to Christianity and symbols featuring crossed members, such as the Baha’i Ringstone Symbol, which includes three crossed members over a single upright and is not dissimilar in design to the Papal cross.

Historic Preservation

In the Supreme Court confirmation to allow the cross to remain, it’s important to note that the cross in question is more than 100 years old. If current powers were pushing to erect a cross on public lands, limitations would certainly be placed on the structure to avoid a focus or favoritism shown to one tradition over another.

Separation of Church and State

Tolerance for multiple religions and no religions at all continues to be a struggle in the United States. The rise of the religious right and subsequent rhetoric has led to a culture both of intolerance and of bumper-sticker thinking that makes logical communication on these issues a challenge. It’s important to note that protections for the offended observer are variable and constantly changing, though new construction prohibitions on public lands and in front of public buildings seem to be holding.

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Rudy Tells Students The Democrats Want To Destroy The Constitution

Nancy Pelosi threw McConnell a curveball when she decided not to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate right away. Pelosi wants Mitch to reveal the format for the trial before she makes another move. Nancy told the press she needs to know the format so she can send the right managers to argue issues during the trial.

Speaker Pelosi’s decision to wait till Congress comes back to Washington after the holiday break gave the Trumpster a serious case of frayed nerves. Trump wants a quick trial and vindication. She also wants to cause friction between Trump and McConnell.

The president believes the Trumpians in the Senate will stand behind his quest to turn America’s democracy into a monarchy. But not all Republicans want Trump to stick around. According to one Republican senator, more than 30 senators think Trump should go, but they don’t want to feel the wrath of Trump voters, so they won’t break rank.

Mr. Trump planned to go to the economic forum in Davos on January 21st, but that may not happen if the trial doesn’t start until the second or third week of January. Mr. Trump wanted to boast about his great economy at Davos and he also wanted to take a few cheap shots at George Soros while he spews his snake oil all over forum attendees.

Lindsey Graham decided to be the frontman in Trump’s quest to bring the constitution down. Graham continues to show his ass during press interviews. Lindsey even asked Rudy Giuliani to come to Capitol Hill and share his new conspiracy documentary with members of his committee.

Rudy continues to smear Joe Biden’s name as well as blame Ukraine for the 2016 election interference. Mr. Giuliani’s efforts are a big hit in Russia. The Russian news agencies saw Rudy’s video before the U.S. press released the details Rudy claims are real.

Giuliani gave one of his long-winded and hard-to-understand speeches to a group of conservative students in South Florida. Giuliani told the students the Democrats want to destroy the constitution by impeaching the Trumpster.

Bill Barr told the press his criminal investigation of the FBI may take longer than he expected. Mr. Barr claims the Horowitz didn’t get it right after conducting a detailed investigation to prove Trump’s theory the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign. Bill turned into Trump’s legal watchdog, and he continues to protect Trump despite evidence that proves he should play a role in putting Trump in an orange jumpsuit.

Barr Claims The Details In The Durham Report Won’t Be Ready For Months

Rudy Giuliani gave a speech in South Florida, and he didn’t disappoint the conservative students who attended his rendition of the world, according to Donald Trump. Rudy told the students Trump had every right to screw Ukraine President Zelensky for not telling the press Ukraine would open an investigation that would smear Joe Biden’s reputation and make his son Hunter look like a loser.

Rudy’s version of Ukraine debacle is a story that only people living without access to the Internet or newspapers would believe. Giuliani said he has proof Biden forced Ukraine to hire his son by withholding a big military aid check. Mr. Giuliani uses the same turn the tables on the truth tactic the Trumpster uses when he gets caught pissing on the constitution.

Nancy Pelosi told McConnell to get off his ass and release the format for the upcoming Senate trial. Nancy told Mitch she won’t send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate until he does his job. Chuck Schumer told Mitch the Democrats want to call John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney to the stand, but Mitch knows that’s dangerous. Mr. Trump also wants Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the whistleblower to testify. McConnell knows that could be the kiss of impeachment death for the Trumpster.

Mr. Trump can’t seem to keep his emotions in check now that he’s impeached. Mr. Trump’s tweeting fingers are raw, and his orange facial hue turns red when he’s in front of the cameras. When he heard Pelosi wants to drag out the trial, the president became an Internet Darth Vader dressed in misspelled tweets.

Lindsey Graham doesn’t want to lose his free golf outings with the Trumpster. Lindsey wants Rudy to tell his committee all the sketchy facts he discovered on his last trip to Ukraine. Graham knows his political future rides on Trump’s ability to shake-off the impeachment and win the 2020 election.

Bill Barr continues to cross legal lines by protecting Trump. Barr gave Trump a pass when the Mueller report surfaced. And he gave him another pass when Mike Horowitz said the FBI didn’t spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Mr. Barr asked John Durham to investigate the FBI for criminal behavior, but it seems the investigation hits some rough spots. Barr told the press the Durham report may not be available for months due to lack of facts and lack of interest in another Barr cover-up.

Associate Of Rudy Giuliani Paid $1 Million By Businessman From Ukraine

Prosecutors for the United States say that Lev Parnas, an associate of one-time Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani, received $1 million that originated from Ukranian businessman Dmytro Firtash. Prosecutors explained in court on Tuesday their belief that the payment between the two men was facilitated by a lawyer working for Firtash.

Parnas is a United States citizen who was born in Ukraine. He is facing charges for violating campaign finance laws. Prosecutors say the payment from Firtash was previously hidden from them. Prosecutors also say the new information should result in a previous bond given to Parnas being revoked because the defendant is a flight risk.

United States District Judge Paul Oetken presides over the New York court hearing the case and decided Parnas can remain on house arrest in Florida. Judge Oetken opined that no direct deception was used on the part of Parnas to conceal the $1 million payment.

Parnas was originally arrested on the allegations in October and says he was relieved by the judge’s ruling following the Tuesday court appearance.

Parnas and Florida businessman Igor Fruman are accused by the United States government of making sure money reached committees that supported current President Donald Trump and other politicians favored by the men. Both Parnas and Fruman have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The prosecution continues to investigate the case and is now taking a hard look at the involvement of Giuliani. The former mayor of New York City has not been charged in the case.

Giuliani admitted to court officials that he received aid from Parnas and Fruman to launch an investigation into the affairs of Trump’s political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The younger Biden once worked for an energy company in Ukraine.

The present impeachment probe against President Trump accuses him of unlawfully using his power as the president of the United States to influence the investigation against the Bidens. Giuliani has emerged as an important player in the investigation as well as the legal matters surrounding the incident.

Prosecutors informed Judge Oetken a week ago about a one million payment received by Parnas in September. Prosecutors told Oetken that Parnas did what he could to hide information regarding the payment from them.

Court filings indicate Svetland Parnas, the wife of Lev Parnas, is the owner of the bank account that received a $1 million deposit.

Firtash is one of Ukraine’s wealthiest businessmen and currently lives in Vienna, Austria and is resisting extradition to the United States where he has been charged with bribery.

Rudy’s Free Legal Advice May Haunt The Trumpster During The Impeachment Trial

The president wasted no time claiming victory over the Chinese when negotiators agreed to Trump’s phase one trade terms. The Chinese promised to buy $50 billion worth of farm products even though the highest amount of farm products purchased by China to date is $20 billion.

The Chinese also agreed to stop intellectual property thief and the government will stop manipulating the yuan in order to support the manufacturing sector of the economy. China’s manufacturing sector is in trouble thanks to the tariffs, but internal issues also contribute to China’s eroding Gross Domestic Product growth. Agreeing to Trump’s terms may stop some economic bleeding in China, but it won’t fix the enormous consumer debt that forces the government to inject cash into their weak economy.

Betsy DeVos sat in front of Congress and took a beating for forcing former for-profit college students to pay their student loans. A federal judge ordered the education department to stop collecting loans from Corinthian Colleges, but Betsy ignored the order. The judge fined the education department and ordered DeVos to stop harassing people who still pay for an education they never received.

Mr. Trump wants to turn the Senate impeachment trial into a three-ring Trumpian circus, but his two legal lap dogs, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham think a short trial is the way to go. Both Senators told the press they will not vote to impeach Trump no matter what crimes he committed.

All the Senators will take a juror’s oath, and it appears Mitch and Lindsey plan to violate that oath. If jurors in a regular trial violate the oath they get excused from the legal proceedings. Several legal experts claim Senators who claim they will vote not to impeach Trump before the trial starts should be excused from participating in the trial.

The Supreme Court gave the Trumpster some breathing room when the justices decided to hear all three cases that involved Trump’s financial records. SCOTUS will hear the cases in March and will make a decision by June 2020.

All the free legal work Rudy Giuliani does for the Trumpster is a gift, according to the Office of Government Ethics. But Mr. Trump didn’t report Rudy’s legal work on his annual financial disclosure report. Rudy makes millions giving client legal advice, so there’s a major ethical flaw in the relationship between Giuliani and the Trumpster. But that ethics violation is just one of many violations Trump has on his presidential resume.

Further Reading: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/13/us/politics/giuliani-trump-financial-disclosure.html?smtyp=cur&smid=fb-nytimes

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Appeals

The United States Supreme Court expressed its willingness on Friday to hear appeals from Donald Trump in three cases involving the president’s financial documents. The documents include the president’s tax returns and are being requested by a prosecutor in New York City as well as the House of Representatives.

According to Fortune.com, lawyers for President Trump have worked to block the subpoenas that seek to gain access to financial information belonging to the president. The documents are demanded by the House as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations that foreign interference affected the 2016 election process.

Cyrus Vance, a district attorney in Manhattan, cites an investigation into the possibility that both the Trump Organization and the family real estate business participated in criminal activity as the reason the court needs tax returns for the president.

Oral arguments will be heard by the nation’s highest court in March and rulings on the matters are expected in June.

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow says the Trump camp is happy the Supreme Court decided to hear the cases. Sekulow says the cases are important because they will address a number of significant issues pertaining to the Constitution.

Democratic representatives expressed their regret that more delays on the matter are set to take place now that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments from Trump attorneys.

Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House, released a statement saying the American people will now have to wait several more months before learning of the court’s decision. Pelosi also expressed her belief that the court would make a decision that upholds the Constitution and allows the Congress to perform oversight duties.

The three cases are seen as a test to determine how the justices on the Supreme Court will react to arguments from the Trump presidency that the subpoenas represent a significant threat to the presidency of the United States. It will also measure the Court’s thoughts pertaining to the needs of prosecutors and other lawmakers to obtain information to pursue prosecutions against high-ranking members of the government.

Conservatives currently enjoy a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court. The nine justices include Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, both appointed by Trump.

One of the cases to be heard by the Court is an appeal on the part of the president of a lower court decision in Manhattan to allow a grand jury to see records from an accounting firm associated with Trump.

Attorneys for Trump argue that the case sets the precedent for prosecutors to pursue cases against presidents to further their careers.

A Disagreement by the Republicans and Democrats on a Federal Privacy Law when it starts to Crystallize

On a Wednesday hearing at the Senate Commerce Committee, lawmakers approved that there was an immediate need for a national privacy law. This is due to the fact that California`s new bill is already set and it will be implemented as from January 1. However, on the table are two major proposals presented by the legislators. However, we find that the lawmakers are alienated on some critical issues. Besides, several senators insist that a bipartisan bill can only be used to press forward legislation.

According to mondaq.com, after spending months in discussions, the summary of the federal privacy law indicates that finally, the privacy bill is now crystallizing. However, the lawmakers are still splitting hair over the information. The Chairman Roger Wicker from Mississippi and Ranking Member Maria Cantwell from Washington are chairing the two proposals that are discussed. The legislation discussion is happening amongst the members of the Senate Commerce Committee. Moreover, other lawmakers have anticipated that bills aimed at more aspects of online privacy, such as algorithms that bring about bubbles, require that the firms should reveal their policies. The committee members keep on debating on whether the nation must block the state’s bill or if a person ought to be allowed to take legal actions on firms that they believe have dishonored their rights. They come into agreement that there is an urgent need in federal privacy legislation.

There is a lack of federal law, yet they have a lot of bills. Sen. Richard Blumenthal Stated that he demanded to be heard on issues of the bill at a hearing, which happened on Wednesday. The meeting’s aim was conversing about the proposals that had been tabled by legislators. However, people are more irritated and shocked more than it was before. This is because they no longer care whether it is state law or federal law. All they need is a law that will discuss the privacy issues in the United States. However, it is predicted that the state law will spread all around the state. Nevertheless, there are high hopes that they will not bring about any significant changes.
The passing of federal privacy law has become a bother to lawmakers since the California privacy bill is meant to be effective from first January. Moreover, the tech industry is cautioning that the patchwork of state laws will become difficult for consumers to comprehend their rights and that upstart firms need to ensure they comply.

Eric Holder Clams Bill Barr Is A Dangerous Trump Lover Not An Attorney General

Alan Dershowitz may join Trump’s defense team when the Senate trial begins. Mr. Trump likes the way Alan defends him when he talks to the press. Trump likes to consult Dershowitz when he knows he crossed legal lines. Alan always comes up with some legal mumbo jumbo that satisfies Trump more than other legal gurus.

Mr. Trump likes to surround himself with lawyers with big egos as long as those egos are not as big as his. Rudy Giuliani won Trump’s heart when he threw his legal keys in the Trumpian circle in 2016. Rudy was the mayor the world learned to love, but he morphed into some weird pengiunese legal soothsayer who distorts facts with legal double talk and digs up dirt on Joe Biden just to prove he should be secretary of state.

The impeachment articles will test the Senate’s ability to leave politics out of the trial. But no one expects the Senate to find Trump guilty. Twenty Republicans would have to jump off the Trumpian ship to stop the insanity and the chaos Trump creates in Washington. And that’s a bet the odds makers won’t take. Trump has the Republican Party by the short hairs, and he continues to pull those hairs every chance he gets.

Mitch McConnell told the press the trial Trump wants won’t happen. Mr. Trump wants to make the trial a drama-filled extravaganza. He wants Schiff, Pelosi, and the Biden’s to testify at his trial. But Mitch claims there won’t be any witnesses, and the trial may only last two weeks. McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, and other Trumpians plan to let Trump continue to walk all over the constitution even though they took an oath to defend it.

The Mike Horowitz report cleared the FBI of any wrongdoing when they got a tip Trump was in bed with Putin. But Bill Barr told the press the Horowitz report didn’t dig deep enough to discover the spying. This is the second time Barr changed the outcome of a Department of Justice reports so Trump can claim victory.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder told the press Bill Barr is not capable of being attorney general now that Bill has Trump’s snake oil oozing out of his pores. Barr started his own criminal investigation to prove the FBI spied on Trump’s campaign, and that proves Mr. Barr is Trump’s legal Pitbull not the attorney general.

Supreme Court Prepared To Issue Rulings On Trump Appeals

The conservative majority enjoyed by the nation’s highest court causes some to believe United States President Donald Trump will find favor with the court. However, this has not been the case necessarily when it comes to Trump keeping tax returns and other financial records private.

According to a Reuters report, the Supreme Court could make a decision as soon as this week as to whether or not Trump will be allowed to file an appeal in three cases he lost on the matter in lower courts. The court has a history of allowing sitting presidents to state their cases in legal matters. However, it is also not common for the Supreme Court to block the ability of Congress to investigate a wide variety of issues. Two of the three cases in question involve Congressional scrutiny.

Trump is in need of two victories in order to maintain the privacy he craves. First, he must make an effective argument to the court to hear an appeal from him. He then must win the appeal on the merits of the case. If the Supreme Court declines to hear one or more of the requested appeals from the president, a transfer of documents would take place.

Trump personally appointed justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The court is 5-4 in favor of conservatives and members of the court will convene for a private meeting on Friday to discuss the cases involving the president.

The timing of the current events is crucial to the president, as well as, the political outlook of the country. Any cases that the Supreme Court decides to hear will likely not be settled until June of next year. This would be a few months before America votes for its next president.

Many legal experts who follow the case explain it is likely the nation’s highest court will agree to hear the appeals from the president. However, this should not be confused with any agreement with him on the matter by the court.

Two of the three cases involve subpoenas issued to third parties by Congress. The subpoenas were issued to an accounting firm connected to the president and two banks that maintain records related to Trump’s business affairs.

The third case is part of a larger investigation into possible criminal acts committed by the Trump Organization. The president’s tax returns have been subpoenaed by District Attorney Cyrus Vance of the Manhattan District in the case.

Articles Of Impeachment Against President Expected Soon

Democratic lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives are expected to deliver two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump now that the impeachment proceedings against the 45th president of the United States are complete.

The news of the impeachment articles was delivered by a senior aide to the Democratic party and the stage is now set for a vote in Congress on the issue later this week. The aide did not wish to go on record with the comments and did not reveal further details.

Abuse of power and obstruction of justice are the two charges expected to be highlighted in the articles of impeachment against Trump.

Committee leaders for the Democrats met with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Monday evening after the final session of the impeachment hearing was complete.

A spokesperson for Pelosi’s office informed the media that a Tuesday press conference would be used to inform the public of the next steps in the impeachment process.

The controversy stems from accusations that President Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to initiate an investigation against presidential hopeful Joe Biden. The president is then accused of obstructing efforts of Congress to investigate the matter.

The nine-hour impeachment hearing session was brought to an end on Monday with a searing condemnation of Trump’s actions by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler.

Lawmakers for the Democrats have characterized the behavior of Trump as a threat both to the national security of the United States and an attempt to circumvent the nation’s political process.

Nadler said the facts of the case, as well as, the danger to the democracy of the United States caused by Trump’s actions are both clear. The Committee Chairman also said it is clear what should be done in response to the president’s behavior.

The upcoming vote by the judiciary committee will determine whether or not the full House of Representatives will vote on the articles of impeachment expected to be lodged against Trump.

If the vote from the House is affirmative, the Senate will then be required to try the president and decide whether or not to remove him from office. Most analysts do not expect the Republican-controlled Senate to convict Trump of the allegations expected to be outlined in the impeachment articles.

The contentious hearing session held on Monday included accusations of unfair treatment of the president by Republicans on hand for the hearings.

President Trump has maintained his innocence and has used his Twitter account frequently to voice his disdain for the entire process.

United States Supreme Court Upholds Block On Executions

There hasn’t been an execution of a death row inmate since 2003 in the United States federal system, and the Trump administration is trying to change that. However, the U.S. Supreme Court at least temporarily blocked a number of execution orders from Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department. The Supreme Court was essentially confirming an earlier block by a federal judge lower in the system, and the decision on whether to proceed with the executions now goes to an appeals court.

A call to act with dispatch

Three conservative judges on the Supreme Court wrote their own statement encouraging the lower court to reach a decision within sixty days. Frustrated in its efforts to proceed on a number of executions, the Trump administration had asked the Supreme Court to rule on the case in early December.

Advocacy groups against the death penalty have expressed cautious optimism about the Supreme Court ruling and say that they are glad that there are legal roadblocks to the Trump administration getting what it wants in these particular cases. On the other side of the argument, pro-death penalty groups note that many of the crimes of the individuals in question on death row were committed decades ago, and the families of their victims need to get justice and closure. All the inmates in these particular cases were convicted on federal charges of murder.

Over the past 16 years, all the executions in the United States have been carried out by state governments. Inmates on death row in the federal system have not been executed largely because of arguments that current methods of execution by lethal injection are not humane. For years, there has been extensive litigation regarding the federal government’s execution protocol and procedures.

Most federal death row inmates today are housed at a facility in Terra Haute, Indiana. The inmate first on the list to be executed is convicted murderer Daniel Lewis Lee who is a white supremacist and who killed a family of three in the 1990’s.

Next on the list is convicted murderer Wesley Purkey who, in separate incidents during the 1990’s in Kansas, murdered a 16-year-old teenager and an 80-year-old woman. Purkey developed Alzheimer’s Disease in prison, and his lawyers are arguing that his execution should not proceed because of his illness. Purkey also has a long history of mental illness, and some say this is relevant.

Read more: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/06/politics/supreme-court-blocks-justice-department-executions/index.html

United States Supreme Courts Indicate Support For Atlantic Richfield Company

There is an interesting article on the Reuters website about how the United States Supreme Court recently signaled that they support a mining company that is being sued by residents of an area of Montana the company once polluted. There was agreement between both liberal and conservative justices that not backing the mining company could lead to further lawsuits regarding polluted sites across the country cleaned up to standard of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The back story

From the 1800’s to 1980, an enormous copper smelting facility in the countryside near Opportunity, Montana, emitted smoke containing arsenic into the air from its giant smokestack. During its peak production years, the mine produced a large portion of the world’s copper supply.

The cleanup began in 1980, after the facility was shut down, and it was done through the EPA’s Superfund. The EPA says that the cleanup was successful, but locals say that, because there is still arsenic in the soil of their community, even more needs to be done. In the 2000’s, they sued the owner of the mine, Atlantic Richfield Company, which is now owned by British Petroleum (BP).

The case went all the way to the Montana Supreme Court, which backed the plaintiffs. If the federal Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs, and this seems doubtful now, it would mean that other cleanup sites that the EPA has approved as being safe would be in question, and locals could sue. Currently, a number of states, including California, support the plaintiffs.

Arguments on both sides

The locals around the old ARCO plant say that they are getting cancer at higher than normal rates, but they admit that they don’t have statistics to back this up. They also say that their property values have been negatively affected because of the bad reputation the region has gotten because of the pollution. They say that the EPA hasn’t truly cleaned up the site until the arsenic in the soil is totally gone.

The EPA and ARCO have responded that the remaining arsenic does not pose a health risk. They also say that the locals had input in the Superfund cleanup process, and the time for them to express concerns was years ago. Furthermore, their lawyers have argued to the Supreme Court that giving in to the plaintiffs will mean thousands of lawsuits in every state of the country.

Barr Tries To Defend Trump By Bashing The Horowitz Report

Joe Biden finally got a little payback when four leaders at the Buckingham Palace dinner made fun of Trump for spending a lot of time talking to the foreign press. Mr. Trump wanted to let the world know he didn’t screw Zelensky. He told the press Zelensky was up for the screwing, so the July 25th phone conversation was perfect.

Mr. Biden’s new ad claims the world keeps laughing at the Trumpster every time he opens his mouth. Trudeau’s comments about the president’s quest to claim his innocence gave summit leaders a chance to relieve some stress Trump likes to bring to the surface when he attends NATO meetings.

Mr. Trump didn’t disappoint the other members when he continued to throw shadow at NATO members for not paying enough security dues. Mr. Trump brought up the same issue at the last NATO summit even though NATO members dropped the amount of money the U.S. pays NATO by six percent.

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks wants Lindsey Graham to subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records. But Lindsey said he’s not going to make his lame Senate investigation of Joe Biden turn into a circus. Graham told the press he would investigate his pal Joe Biden even though Biden did nothing wrong. Banks wanted to show the Trumpster he is all in after the president said he wants Pelosi, Schiff, and the Biden’s to testify at his Senate trial. Mr. Trump wants to take the attention off his butt and put the blame on Joe and Hunter Biden.

Rudy Giuliani is in Ukraine talking to one of Ukraine’s sketchy politicians. Giuliani still wants to show the world Joe Biden broke U.S. laws when his son went to work for a Ukraine gas company. Now that Zelensky won’t open an investigation, Rudy wants a corrupt Ukrainian to bring Biden down.

Nancy Pelosi made Trump’s impeachment official when she told Americans Trump wants to turn America’s democracy into a monarchy. One reporter asked Nancy if she hates Trump. Pelosi told the reporter she doesn’t hate, but she does want to defend the constitution that Mr. Trump likes to ignore.

Bill Barr doesn’t like the report Mike Horowitz will reveal next week. Mr. Horowitz found no evidence that the FBI or the CIA spied on the Trump campaign. So Bill opened a criminal investigation to show members of his intelligence community broke the law in 2016 by spying on Trump. John Durham’s report should help Trump’s conspiracy theory about the FBI. That seems to be Bill Barr’s job these days. He is Trump’s legal protector, not the Attorney General of the United States.