The Trumpster And Erdogan Break Mobster Style Bread In DC

The impeachment hearings will give Americans a good idea of how long Trump wanted to screw Ukraine. The Trumpster never got over Poroshenko’s government kissing Hillary’s butt in 2016. That’s why Trump listened to Paul Manafort’s conspiracy theory. Manafort told Trump Ukraine had an email server with Clinton dirt in it.

Mr. Trump wanted to get rid of Poroshenko for not kissing his ass in 2016. So he and the Rudster cooked up a criminal plan to help elect Zelensky, and at the same time, set him up to pull off the Trumpster’s below-the-belt move on Biden. Mr. Trump knew getting military aid for his country was a priority, so he held that aid to make Zelensky his bitch after the comedian won the election.

The Rudster used two of his shady criminal clients to help him get Zelensky’s attention. Rudy used Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman two Ukraine-born Floridians to make the right contacts, so Giuliani could strong-arm Zelensky. State Department officials like Bill Taylor scratched their heads and asked Pompeo why Rudy was operating a shadow state department in Ukraine.

Marie Yovanovitch was the American ambassador when Rudy and Trump tried, and succeeded, to stick-it to Zelensky. Marie wanted to know why Rudy was acting like a cabinet member. Rudy knew he had to get rid of Marie if he wanted to pull his plan off without getting caught. So Giuliani started a smear campaign against Marie. The Trumpster fired her without just cause in order for Rudy to seal the under-the-table deal with Zelensky.

President Zelensky told Rudy and Trump he would start a Biden investigation as soon as Trump released the money. But when the whistleblower uncovered Trump’s quid pro quo conversation, Zelensky said the old Burisma gas company investigation did not find any wrongdoing, so that case is closed. Hunter Biden sat on the board of Burisma. Trump wanted to prove Joe got his son the $50,000-a-month job by quid pro quo-ing Ukraine. Zelensky also told the press he doesn’t know about the email server Trump wants to find.

Mr. Trump asked his business partner Erdogan to Washington to help him take some impeachment heat off his ass. Erdogan and the Trumpster have a few deals working through a brother-in-law connection. It’s complicated, but Jared Kushner plays a majAnd he might act like he cares about the Turkish dictator missile-frying the Kurds in Northern Syria. But Trump won’t mess with Erdogan because Trump’s only hotel in Europe is in Turkey.

Appeals Court Tells The Trumpster To Hand Over His Tax Returns

Washington Attorney George Conway thinks Mr. Trump’s narcissism is out of control after the first day of the public impeachment hearings. Conway is an avid Never Trumper, but his wife Kellyanne is one of Trump’s most vocal supporters.

Mr. Conway told the press Trump’s only mission wasn’t to help curb corruption in Ukraine. The president rarely talked about corruption in Ukraine over the last three years. He talked about corruption in Iran, and he even accused his intelligence agencies of being corrupt more than pointing his orange-bleached finger at Ukraine.

The first day of the impeachment hearings didn’t help Trump’s claim his phone conversation with President Zelensky was perfect. Ambassador Bill Taylor set the record straight when he told Congress Gordon Sondland told him Trump doesn’t care about Ukraine. All he cared about was screwing Joe Biden. Trump wanted Zelensky to say Joe used his type of quid pro quo tactics on Ukraine so his son’s name wouldn’t come up in a Ukraine gas company investigation.

Mr. Taylor also told Congress Gordon Sondland committed a major security breach when he called Trump from a Ukraine restaurant. The Russians listen to conversations U.S. officials have with each other if they have a chance. Taylor said Sondland gave Russia the opportunity when he broke protocol and called Trump from a public place. Taylor also said it was highly unusual for the ambassador to the EU to get involved in Ukrainian issues.

Mr. Sondland donated $1 million to Trump’s campaign. The president rewarded him with an ambassadorship even though Gordon has no diplomatic experience. The Trumpster wanted Sondland to relay his plan to State Department officials in Ukraine. Sondland told officials like Mr. Taylor Trump wasn’t out to make Zelensky his Biden-bitch.

House Trumpian Jim Jordan claimed Trump didn’t strong-arm Zelensky during the now-famous July 25th phone conversation. Jordan claims Trump wanted to weed out corruption in Ukraine and Zelensky agreed to help him open an investigation because Biden, not Trump is the guilty one. That lame excuse didn’t fly with the public or members of Congress, according to Forbes.

Congress and New York are one step closer to getting their hands on Mr. Trump’s tax returns. An appeals court sided with a lower court that said Trump can’t keep hiding his tax returns. Jay Sekulow told the press the Trumpster will take his case to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump thinks the Supreme Court will vote in his favor because he put a couple of Trumpian judges on the highest court in the nation.

Betsy DeVos Decides To Forgive 1,500 Student Loans After Ignoring The Order To Do So

The House Republicans want to defend Trump. They know Trump put the quid pro quo move on Zelensky, but they continue to deny that fact. In order to turn up the heat on Adam Schiff and the impeachment process, the House Trumpians put Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan on the intelligence committee.

Jordan is full of Trump’s political snake oil. He seems to come alive with a full mouth of Trumpian venom every time he’s in front of the cameras. There’s little doubt the former assistant wrestling coach will say anything to help the Trumpster beat the charges. Jordan has a restless way of presenting the facts he claims will cast doubt on the impeachment charges. The Democrats think Jordan is as shady as the president, and they have a good reason to think that way.

When Jordan was the assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, the team doctor got caught whacking off in showers while other men showered. A referee told Jordan and head coach Russ Hellickson Doctor Richard Strauss beat his meat next to him while he took a shower, according to court documents. Jordan and Hellickson told the referee that’s the way Strauss rolls. Strauss was the doctor that open the can of sexual worms that plagued Ohio State’s reputation. Jim Jordan knew Strauss had issues, but he jovially accepted them but denied he knew the Doctor was bad news.

Mr. Trump told the press he doesn’t think the impeachment hearings should be public even though most Republicans complained about the closed-door meetings Schiff held in the basement of the Congressional building. Mr. Trump claims the transcript he released proves the Zelensky call was perfect in every way. But several impeachment witnesses who listened to the call told the panel the Trumpster put quid pro quo moves on the new president of Ukraine.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is on the hot seat once again for forcing students to pay loans after a court told her to forgive loans associated with the defunct Dream Center Schools. The court fined Betsy’s department $100,000 and ordered her to stop harassing students. Betsy finally gave in and 1,500 students are off the student loan hook. But Betsy is still in political hot water thanks to her incompetence, and her plan to turn the public school system into a for-profit charter school system.

Manafort Threw That Ukraine Election Interference Idea In Trump’s Conspiracy-Loving Lap In 2016

Gross Domestic Product growth dropped to 1.9 percent in September. Most economists claim that’s an excellent growth percentage. China’s GDP growth is six percent. And Europe has a Gross Domestic Product growth rate of 3.0 percent. All of those percentages were higher until Trump started his trade wars in order to achieve world trade dominance.

The head of Europe’s Central Bank told the press Trump’s tariffs put global manufacturing in the economic toilet. Supply chains went to hell. Logistic managers had to reconfigure trade routes and countries of origin.

Brexit still plays a role in the erosion of Europe’s GDP growth. Mr. Johnson got an extension from the EU until January 2020. So there’s still mud in the economic water. Mr. Trump told Johnson he might renege on his promise to give the U.K. an incredible trade agreement now that parliament made Boris their Brexit-bitch.

Pelosi told the press she’s ready to hold Trump’s feet to the impeachment fire. The Republicans can’t seem to come up with a legal strategy that would negate the testimony of several key witnesses who hand first-hand knowledge of the Zelensky phone conversation. Some Republicans say trying to quid-pro-quo-screw Zelensky is normal when presidents talk to each other. The Republicans also want to push the witch hunt term Trump likes to use when he talks about Shifty Adam Schiff.

Adam Schiff will prosecute Trump in front of the cameras when the impeachment hearings go public. Schiff knows Trump is a criminal. But Trump claims Schiff is the criminal for exposing his mobster-style presidency to the world.

Forty-nine percent of Americans are in Schiff’s impeachment corner, and 47 percent of Americans don’t think impeaching Trump is the right thing to do. Some of those Americans know Mitch McConnell and his band of Trumpians won’t throw the impeachment book at the Trumpster if the Judiciary Committee has enough evidence to draft articles of impeachment.

Trump’s dislike for Ukraine started when the Ukraine government became Hillary lovers in 2016. Paul Manafort, the head criminal in Trump’s 2016 campaign, started the rumor that Ukraine, not Russia interfered with the 2016 election. And he said there is an email server in Ukraine that proves it.

According to the NY Times, Mr. Trump took that lie and put it in his conspiracy theory handbook and made it a reality. Mike Mulvaney told the press that’s the reason Trump tried to screw Zelensky. He wanted Zelensky to admit the email server is in Ukraine.

The Public Gets To Hear What Two Of “The Three Amigos” Say About Trump QuoProQuo-Screwing Zelensky

Iran wants to develop a relationship with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, again. Iran claims Trump’s days of ruling the Middle East are over. Trump’s pal Ben Netanyahu can’t form a government, and Iran keeps pushing his sanctions buttons just to show him he doesn’t want to mess with Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards.

Prince Salman and Jared Kushner are buds. When all that dreadful Khashoggi incident became public, the prince and Jared had several private conversations. Kushner gave the prince advice on how to handle the situation. Mr. Trump keeps sending arms to the Saudis and the Saudis keep lining Trump’s personal pockets with coin, so there’s little chance the Salman Dynasty will make nice with Iran.

The whistleblower said he would answer Republican questions in writing just the way Trump did when Mueller had questions. But Trumpians like Jim Jordan said the whistleblower has to come forward and face Trump’s wrath. Jordan thinks the whistleblower is a Never-Trumper or a Democrat with a hidden agenda even though two witnesses who were on the Zelensky call confirmed the whistleblower’s original report.

Alexander Vindman was on the Zelensky call, and he claims Trump didn’t release the entire call. Trump left out the part where he talked about Joe Biden holding $1 billion over Ukrainian officials heads so they wouldn’t prosecute his son Hunter who sat on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. Jordan’s denial before he knows all the facts is a feeble attempt to defend a president who has “mobster” written in his DNA.

China wants Trump to drop the December tariff threat before Xi signs the phase one deal with Trump. President Xi has a sanction ace in the hole now that the WTO gave China the right to drop more than $390 billion in sanctions on Trump’s tariff-loving ass. But the Chinese want to sign a farm deal because other farm product suppliers like Brazil and Argentina can’t meet the Chinese demand. In 2018, China bought $20 billion worth of soybeans. In 2019, Chinese importers only bought $10 billion.

Kurt Volker, Gordon Sondland, and Rick Perry were the “three amigos” who handled Trump’s quest to screw Zelensky, Trumpian style. Rudy Giuliani had the same mission, but he didn’t work for the State Department. But he tried to control the Ukraine division of the State Department using two Ukrainian-American criminals who pay him handsomely just to have their picture taken with the Trumpster.

Should Politics of blocking be a matter of discussion?

The block button is a significant instrument that enables ladies and other helpless individuals to have some semblance to a similar Twitter experience that the normal white man may free from consistent provocation. Most have utilized the block button throughout the years to overwhelm terrible ads hominems, ocean lions, and sexual harassment. Twitter was not the hellfire site that we know today. Numerous early clients discovered professional advancement and enduring friendships in 140-character missives. However, as the social media platform expanded, so did its potential for abuse. For Instance, politicians use the platform to create a false populist discourse in the United States.

By 2014, two years short of its tenth commemoration, Twitter had turned out to be vital to the GamerGate controversy. Apparently, a debate had started about issues of sexism and progressivism in gaming. Twitter became the platform where women were harassed by sexists online without any repercussions. The harassment was extreme to the point that it drove a few women off the platform permanently.

Out of GamerGate, better devices for blocking were born. Tools like BlockTogether enable individual clients to share a list of individuals they have blocked. The thought behind these tools is that harassers are probably going to have various targets, so why not make it simpler for potential targets of provocation to be blocked at the same time? In any case, BlockTogether and other comparable tools are not without blemishes. When you’re on a block list, it tends to be challenging to get your name erased. In the event that you end up on the block list created by a well-known client, you may find yourself blocked by individuals you are not aware of. In other people’s opinions, they might regard this as a sensible collateral blow-back.

Various media personalities and others have extended complain after finding themselves on a block list after a conflict with a person who uses the blocking tools. Users are requesting for the platform to have a button for purposes of asking and getting an explanation as to why they were blocked. Regardless, ladies or different minorities who have encountered provocation for utilizing the block button cannot be blamed. Blocking somebody doesn’t involve the question of free speech, except if the blocker being referred to be a chosen authority. More importantly blocking someone is a matter of saving one’s sanity. The blocking button, together with block lists, are helpful instruments for ensuring one’s space is free from social media bullies.

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Los Angeles Fire department requests for more Drones.

As it hopes to upgrade its tasks, the LA Fire Department has decided to turn to various innovations. These innovations will include extending its fleet of drones for a many new deployments. One of the most prominent local groups of fire-fighters in the United States third after Chicago and New York is the Los Angeles Fire Department. The department has a spending budget of about $691 million. The department employs more than 3,500 Americans. The institution has reacted to 492,717 fire cases in 2018.

The Institution already has 11 drones in its service to complement its fleet of 258 fire motors, helicopters, and ambulances. Richard Fields who serves as the Battalion Chief, is also the leader of the institution’s Unmanned Aerial Systems program. He said that he wished to see the number of drones increased. The LA fire department has become the earliest pioneer in the use of drones to fight the ravaging fire in California. This turned out victorious thanks to an agreement that was made with a firm from China known as DJI. The agreement was sealed back in April.

The Chinese automaton producer and imaging technology designer said that the agreement to test and employ DJI drones as a crisis reaction readiness tool. The firm considered it one of DJI’s most significant partnerships with a firefighting institution in the United States.

Bill Chen noted that they were eager to fortify their organization with the Los Angeles Fire Department, which is one of the country’s prevalent public safety offices. He added that they intended to enable the fire institution to exploit DJI’s automaton innovation, which was purposefully developed for the public safety department. He also noted that through the two-way joint effort, DJI would get a significant understanding of the complexities of conveying drones during crisis in one of the most unpredictable urban conditions in the country. After five months in the field, the drone program appears to have been fruitful enough that Battalion Chief Fields hoped to multiply the fleet.

The battalion head noted that in their next cycle, the Fire department was going to utilize the specialized resources in the field to combat blazes. Fields noted that it is fire personnel and support groups who manage dangerous materials, rescue, and carry out urban, marine environments and quick water rescues. Fields announced that the innovation requests the team to make the drone efficient. There are great deals of innovations that enable the team to make the technology increasingly adaptable. Fields noted that the sensors on the drones are a big deal.

Court battle forces DOJ to release Mueller’s pamphlets to BuzzFeed News

The 2016 US election meddling issue is still a great concern to many American citizens. The United States DOJ released special counsel Robert Mueller’s article on Saturday to BuzzFeed News. Mueller is the former FBI Director. The release of emails and interview summaries of 500 pages came after a court battle with the news firm. According to, the pamphlets comprise of the FBI interview summaries of high officials in the administration. The officials include an ex-presidential advisor Steve Bannon, and President Trump’s ex-deputy campaign chair, Rick Gates. There is an email correspondence by President Donald Trump’s senior consultant Jared Kushner. Bannon is also in the documents too. Jared Kushner is also President Trump’s son-in-law.

In the documents is a scheme to get and scrutinize Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails sent by a conservative activist to Bannon. Bannon has been quoted telling the investigators that after the DNC’s hacking, Paul Manafort, who pressed the Ukraine scandal is also responsible. Manafort was the then-campaign head. The FBI conducted the interviews in April 2018. As part of its election meddling effort, the United States government approved the 2016 hacking of DNC by Russia. The meddling resulted in the publication of internal emails that were quite destructive to DNC in the 2016 presidential elections.

The House Democrats launched an arraignment inquiry to find out whether Trump used Ukraine to inspect its rivals. The results will prove right or wrong the Ukraine’s involvement conspiracy theory. Moreover, the phone call between President Trump and Vlodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian President, on July 25th has also fueled outrage among many political players in the Democratic Party. A published White House form of the call shows that Trump regurgitated the conspiracy theory.

The release of the Mueller’s investigation documents followed a filed Freedom of Information Act appeal by BuzzFeed. The request involved a claim to get access to the pamphlets. Mueller’s report was recorded and released in March, with redactions in April. The Moscow-Trump campaign conspiracy was not established in the previous investigations. However, Robert Mueller mentioned Trump’s obstruction of justice during the investigation.
Mueller’s work continuously haunts the Trump presidency despite being sacked as the boss of the FBI. A judge, earlier this month, issued an order to the justice department to surrender Mueller’s unredacted proofs to the House. It includes portions of grand jury testimony regarding the phone call by the US president. This could be a win to Democrats in need of the material for the prosecution inquiry. However, the disclosure was postponed by an appeals court.

Saudi Arabia’s Financial Regulatory Body Approves Aramco’s Application For Its Initial Public Offering

Companies primarily drum up money to operate by selling goods and services. Another way that businesses get funding to advance the scale or scope of their operations is through offering shares of ownership of their formal, government-recognized charters to investors that offer to fork over funding in exchange. Companies typically offer up such shares of ownership in the form of public stock through stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq, the two largest such financial instrument exchanges on the planet that are each found on New York City’s world-famous Wall Street. Together, these two exchanges oversee the trading of common stock for more than 2,000 public companies based within the United States.

The United States federal government’s Securities and Exchange Commission, better known as the SEC, oversees anything and everything related to these public companies’ selling of shares of ownership on the NYSE and the Nasdaq. They require these companies to adhere to countless strict rules related to the compilation of financial reports and their publication. One of these rules is that, before public companies can trade their stock on such financial exchanges, they must hold 20-day-long initial public offerings, or IPOs for short, in which consumers are able to purchase shares of stock at – in general – lower prices than what they’d ultimately sell for once they hit the market following such periods.

All countries’ financial market regulators require companies that want to sell their stock on financial instrument exchanges to undergo initial public offering proceedings, which includes Saudi Arabia. Earlier today, on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019, Aramco opened up its initial public offering, as the Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Saudi Arabia, the country’s very own regulatory body of its financial industry, approved Aramco’s application for its IPO.

Although the CMA hasn’t indicated exactly how many shares of ownership in Aramco’s charter will be sold, nor how long the initial public offering period will offer up first dibs to the public on its shares of public stock, experts familiar with Aramco believe that it will sell anywhere between one to two percent of its total ownership as part of its IPO. Collectively, the sale of this small portion of shares could drum up as much as $20 to $40 billion in funding, an objectively large dollar amount of funding for any modern company seeking to become a public company.

Aramco’s IPO is part of Saudi Arabia’s attempts at economic reform, as the country seeks to diversify its investments and economic holdings from its current portfolio consisting almost entirely of oil-related businesses and oil-related investments.

Trumps Top Russia and Europe Adviser Throws Sondland Testimony Under Schiff’s Impeachment Bus

Mitch McConnell has his hands full now that he’s the Trumpster’s sidekick. Lindsey Graham is the Trumpster’s favorite sidekick. Graham gets to play golf with Trumpster. Lindsey and Mitch reek of Trump’s political snake oil. Both men hated Trump in 2016, but once they saw how vindictive and violent Trump’s voter base can be, they decided to join the Trumpian cult.

The Trumpian cult numbers didn’t change much when Pelosi told the country she wanted to impeachment-fry the Trumpster. Forty-three percent of Americans still believe Trump knows how to make life better for them.

But after three years of foreign and domestic chaos, Trump’s accomplishment scorecard needs improvement. The Trumpster said Mexico would pay for his border wall, and the economy would continue to grow by three percent or better. Those two campaign promises never happened. Mr. Trump promised he would balance the budget, but his tax cut and his free-spending add $1 trillion to the national debt every year for the next ten years, according to MarketWatch.

Mr. Trump told his cult followers China pays the tariffs, but Americans will pay more than $1,000 each in tariff-taxes in 2019. Economists think that number will grow to $3,000 in 2020. The president likes to brag about the low unemployment and inflation numbers as well as bigger paychecks when he mentions the economy. But he doesn’t talk about the drop in manufacturing jobs or 1.3 percent in GDP growth that disappeared in the first three quarters of 2019.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell let Trump know he can forget about zero or negative interest rates this year. Powell told the press the October interest rate cut is the last one this year. Mr. Powell also said Trump needs to end his trade war. Most global economists thing Brexit and Trump are the flies in the global economic growth ointment. Boris Johnson got the extension he didn’t want from the EU, but Trump still can’t get President Xi to sign anything that has his name on it. Some Wall Street economists think Xi won’t sign an agreement until after the 2020 election.

Tim Morrison, Trump’s top Russia and Europe advisor, told Schiff’s impeachment panel Alexander Vindman was right when he told White House lawyer John Eisenberg the president gave Zelensky a taste of the Trumpster version of a quid pro quo. Morrison also told the panel Sondland told Bill Taylor Trump would not release the $391 million in aid until Zelensky agreed to open an investigation that would ruin Biden’s campaign. Sondland told Schiff’s panel another story, and the panel thinks he should come back and tell the truth.

Pelosi Plans To Slap An Obstruction Of Congress Charge On The Trumpster

Energy Secretary Rick Perry played a role in Trump’s attempt to make Zelensky his quid pro quo bitch. Perry met with Ukraine officials to talk them into putting Americans on the board of Ukraine companies to help curb some of the country’s corruption. But Rick also played a role in verbally twisting the arms of officials to make sure Zelensky knew what was about to happen unless he opened an investigation that Trump believes would prove Joe Biden tried to quid pro quo Ukraine when he was VP.

Rick denies there was a Trumpian quid pro quo in place, but Adam Schiff’s inquiry committee discovered Trump wanted to strong-arm Zelensky before he won the election. Mr. Trump had a hard-on for Ukraine for backing Hillary in 2016. The president claims Ukraine has a mysterious Democrat email server that proves Ukraine, not Russia screwed with the American election process.

The Republicans don’t know how to defend Trump, so they attack the impeachment process. Trumpians like Mark Meadows and Steve Scalise claim the impeachment is illegal, but according to law scholars, Congress has the right to hold impeachment hearings in a way that gathers all the facts before the Judiciary Committee draws up articles of impeachment.

Some Republican Senators claim Trump did put a quid pro quo move on Zelensky, but the senators say that happens all the time when presidents negotiate with other countries. The senators also say playing hardball and withholding aid is not a criminal or impeachable act.

It’s doubtful Trump will reverse his stand on the issue. Mr. Trump claims his conversation with Zelensky was perfect, and he may hold fireside chats and read the transcript of his call to his voter base to prove he had the country’s interest in mind, not his political interests.

Impeachment doesn’t necessarily mean Trump committed a criminal act. But Democrats want to prove Trump’s attempt to force Zelensky to investigation his political opponent is what the founding fathers called high crimes and misdemeanors.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats also want to prove Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry and his constant attack on witnesses is blatant obstruction of Congress and that is an impeachable act. Congress has the right to question the president’s actions. Congress doesn’t answer to the president. It is an equal branch of government that has the role of preventing rogue president like Trump from turning America’s democracy into a dictatorship.

The Impeachment Panel Wants Sondland To Come Back And Tell The Truth

President Zelensky doesn’t want to share the impeachment limelight with President Trump. Ukraine officials think Zelensky’s government could tumble if enough quid pro quo information surfaces. Zelensky continues to tell the press he did nothing wrong during his phone conversation with Mr. Trump. But according to impeachment inquiry witness Colonel Alexander Vindman, the transcript of that call isn’t the complete transcript.

Forty conservative groups claim Nancy Pelosi usurped authority when she decided to weaponized the impeachment inquiry. The Trump-loving groups claim the impeachment panel is illegal, and the upcoming vote in the House is a sham.

Most conservatives want to attack the impeachment process rather than defend Trump’s words and actions. As more credible government officials sit in front of the panel and tell what they saw and heard Trump do, most conservatives realize they need a better plan to protect Trump. Attacking Pelosi and Adam Schiff is part of that better plan.

Rudy Giuliani is also on the legal hot seat. Giuliani is Trump’s double-talking legal bloodhound. Mr. Giuliani tried to get Ukraine officials to open another investigation that would show Joe Biden tried to bribe Ukraine officials. Rudy used two of his clients to help him make Zelensky aware of Trump’s quest to destroy Biden’s reputation as well as his candidacy.

Adam Schiff’s impeachment panel will let Manhattan federal prosecutors deal with Rudy’s illegal behavior. But now that Rudy’s clients, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, face criminal charges for donating money to the Trump campaign through shell companies owned by a Russian-backed Ukraine group, Giuliani has a lot of explaining to do.

Giuliani claims he’s not under investigation. Giuliani claims he worked for his client Donald Trump while he strong-armed Ukraine government officials. Some lawmakers want to know why Rudy isn’t getting paid to work for the president. That’s not the legal way to represent the president, according to the American Bar Association.

Big Trump donor Gordon Sondland has some explaining to do if Schiff decides to bring the Ambassador to the EU back to Capitol Hill. According to Colonel Alexander Vindman’s testimony, Sondland knew Trump wanted to force Zelensky to help him bring down Joe Biden. Mr. Sondland told the panel he didn’t remember certain facts, and he denied knowing about Trump’s illegal mission. But Vindman’s testimony shot holes in Sondland’s nervous attempt to keep himself out of an orange jumpsuit.

How Artificial Intelligence Aids Prisons and Jails

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is spreading like wildfire. The newest use of AI is in prisons and jails.

Because AI relies on block chain computer technology, speech recognition and semantic analytical programming features, law enforcement is benefiting by allowing nefarious conversations between inmates and those with whom they communicate through prison and jail phone systems to be monitored to prevent crime.


AI Sensitizes Speech and Slang to Prevent Crime
By collecting data on inmates’ use of slang and certain phrases common to criminal activity, data is stored in databases that link the prison’s location to the external location of the inmate’s sources with whom they communicate.

To protect inmates constitutional right to free speech under the First Amendment, inmates are forewarned all of their phone conversations are recorded. Apparently, inmates frequently choose to ignore the warning.


Another use of AI is to prevent inmate recidivism. AI helps law enforcement predict the potential of certain inmates to continue to commit crimes after they are released from prison or jail.

AI Algorithm for Law Enforcement
In addition, AI provides an algorithm to determine sentencing for law enforcement as well as for internal monitoring of inmates activities when coupled with closed circuit television (CCTV.)

AI relies on its collected data to coordinate certain inmate behavioral patterns for monitoring.

Law is predicated upon the basis of algorithms in the form of codified instructions that include legal references and guidance to resolve legal matters. Codified instructions proscribed such as ifs and when, dos and don’ts fit within the design of a protracted algorithm.

However with today’s legal cases, the complexities facing lawyers in determining justice is not straight-forward codification. It is not known if AI can resolve problems that include:
. Overburdened public defenders
. Backlogged court cases and courts
. The broad range of defendants accused disproportionately of crime

How Lawyers Use AI in Law Practices
Lawyers find they can dispense with the need for paralegals and law clerks who provide legal research by using AI. This proves to be cost-effective for many law practices.

In addition, lawyers are implementing AI for billing clients, due diligence and to conduct research. The amount of time and cost save related to the use of AI for lawyers is certain to increase AI as a necessary function of legal practice.


In cohesion with prisons and jails, public defenders, lawyers, courts and judges, AI’s ability to reduce potential crime and expedite adjudication has the potential to create a state-of-the-art penal and judicial system.


California’s New Tenant Protection Act Is Inspired By Today’s Housing Crisis

Landlords and tenants of rental properties throughout California are paying attention to new legislation that could directly affect them in different ways. A current article on the National Law Review website shines a light on the California Tenant Protection Act of 2019, which was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in early October.

Whether it’s an individual landlord who owns one building, or a corporation that owns an assortment of properties, the new tenant protection legislation will affect all types of landlords in California.

While the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 goes into effect in 2020, it does require that any rental rates that were increased after March 2019 be analyzed. Under the new rules, yearly rent increases cannot exceed five percent of the gross rental cost, along with cost of living changes. The combined total may not exceed ten percent of the gross rental cost.

Another major component of the act requires that a just cause be in place when tenants who have occupied a property for one year or longer are being terminated.

Extensive political debate preceded the signing of the new tenant protection law, and it still contains several types of exemptions. For instance, most privately-owned, single-family units, and duplexes that are partially owner-occupied are exempt from the changes.

The just cause requirement in the new law contains both “At-fault” and No-fault” sections, and each case is reviewed for categorization. Examples of “At-fault just cause” include criminal threats or criminal activities on-site and failure to pay rent.

Among the reasons why termination of a tenant can be termed “No-fault just cause” are; plans to largely remodel or demolish the property, and intending to have members of the owner’s family move into the unit.

The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 also contains a declaration stating that the bill is designed to apply to California’s ongoing housing crisis, and would remain in force until the end of 2029.

A Bunch Of Republicans Have The Shaky Leg Syndrome Now That The Trumpster’s Impeachment Toast

Mr. Trump doesn’t support Washington D.C. much unless that means going to his hotel and dining. But the president decided to take a few of his royal ass-kissers like Lindsey Graham and Mark Meadows to a World Series game. The fans gave the Trumpster a dose of what he might expect in 2020 when they booed and screamed: “lock him up.”

Mr. Trump thought he would get a standing ovation for taking the credit for the Al-Baghdadi takedown. According to, Pentagon officials kept shouting under their breath for Trump to shut the front door as they watched him spew details the public didn’t need to know. The Trumpster put his special spin on the mission. Trump studied every detail, so he couldn’t wait to take some attention off his pending impeachment.

The Federal Reserve might cut interest rates again to help stimulate Trump’s sinking economy. But not all Fed members want to cut rates again. Japan cut rates to the bone and then some, but it didn’t solve the economic issues caused by Trump’s tariff wars. Japan needs help and Trump offered to help if President Abe bought American soybeans Japan didn’t need.

Trump’s trade war with China turned the global economy into a recession-bound mess, according to the head of the European Central bank, Christine Lagarde. Global manufacturing is down, and that creates a business and consumer negative ripple effect that’s hard to stop. Fed Chair Powell wants Trump to stop his tariff fixation, so the Feds can agree on how to stop his economic erosion.

The budget deficit is on its way to $1 trillion in 2019. Trump got Congress to increase spending, and that move will create a $1 trillion budget deficit for the next ten years, according to MarketWatch. Mr. Trump promised to balance the budget, but the opposite happened. A similar ending is in store for the people who thought Trump’s tariffs would solve their import-export issues. Steelworkers now know steel tariffs are a super bad idea. Steel factories aren’t busy, prices dropped, and some factories closed due to Trump’s tariff addiction.

The Republicans don’t know how to defend the Trumpster. Most Republican senators will have to choose between Trump and the constitution if Congress impeaches the president. Republicans have to stay together, but the Trumpian threads that keep them together are in a vat of impeachment swamp water, and it’s deeper than they expected.