Parents Arrested for Supplying Teen Son With Marijuana to Stop Seizures

A family in Georgia is in a legal quandary after their 15-year-old son was taken from their custody and control and placed in a group home. A therapist tipped off police that the teen’s parents were supplying and medicating him with marijuana in order to control his frequent daily seizures. Regardless of the fact that pharmaceutical drugs weren’t working, the parents were arrested for supplying the boy with marijuana. They spent six days in jail. Georgia law still prohibits possessing, buying or transporting marijuana.

The teen’s parents report that marijuana kept the boy free of seizures for 71 days. His mother reported that during those 71 days, he was able to ride his bike and lift weights. Then, deputies from the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Department came knocking. The parents were ordered to stop treating their son with marijuana. The parents complied, but within 14 hours, they were rushing the boy to the emergency room with what the mother said was the “most horrific” seizure she has ever seen.

The boy has now been in the group home for more than a month pursuant to a juvenile court judge’s order. He was taken into custody by the Georgia Department of Child and Family Services. He’s been separated from his service dog that is able to smell the seizures coming, and he’s only allowed to communicate with his parents through short personal visits and phone calls. Neither of the parents is charged with possessing or distributing marijuana. They’re both charged with reckless conduct, and they face the possibility of fines and even more jail time. Reckless conduct in Georgia is punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a fine not to exceed $1,000.

Last month, Georgia’s governor signed a bill into law that allows cannabis oil to be used to treat certain conditions, including seizure disorders. What came to issue is that the parents obtained the marijuana for the boy and gave it to him. He smoked it daily. The boy’s mother firmly stated that nothing else was working. She told a local television station “I can’t have my kid dying because “no one wants to listen.” For purposes of hiring an attorney and moving to a state where marijuana use is legal, the parents have started a GoFundMe page.

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