Pelosi Told Trump To Stop Tweeting And Come Testify Before Congress

Gordon Sondland talked to President Trump on an unsecured line in a Kiev restaurant. According to State Department officials, the Russians listen to all unsecured phone calls in Ukraine. According to testimony from a Congressional witness, Sondland had to hold the phone away from his ear because the Trumpster voice was so loud.

Mr. Sondland told Adam Schiff’s committee he didn’t know about Trump’s plan to bribe Zelensky. But the witnesses who testified after Sondland claim Gordon knew Trump cared about opening an investigation that would hurt Joe Biden more than he cared about Ukraine. Mr. Trump claims he wants to stop corruption in Ukraine, but what he really wanted was to bring up the old Clinton email server story, and he wanted Zelensky to screw Joe Biden.

According to another witness, Trump held the $391 million military aid check until the Ukraine president agreed to open a Burisma investigation. Burisma is the gas company that hired Hunter Biden as a board member. Trump claims Joe Biden did a quid pro quo number on Ukraine to protect his son. But Trump’s allegations are not facts, according to Ukraine’s prosecutor general.

Trump tried to intimidate former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch when she sat in front of Congress. But Marie didn’t let Trump win. She told Congress Rudy Giuliani started a smear campaign that hurt her reputation. Trump fired her so Rudy could continue his shadow operation that forced Zelensky to play ball with the Trumpster.

George Conway told the press his wife Kellyanne and Mitch McConnell are part of Trump’s cult. Mitch told the press he won’t find Trump guilty if the House draws up articles of impeachment. In order to find Trump guilty 20 Republicans would have to break away from Trump’s cult in order to render a guilty verdict. But only five or six Republican Senators will vote to impeach, according to several news reports.

Lindsey Graham told the press Trump didn’t try to screw Zelensky. But Graham is a loyal Trumpian who believes the president can do no wrong. But Lindsey did trash-talk Trump after the Trumpster let Erdogan missile-fry the Kurds.

Mr. Trump keeps tweeting about the public impeachment hearings. House Speaker Pelosi said Trump should sit down in front of Congress and tell his side of the story. Pelosi said Trump could answer questions in writing if he didn’t want to take the verbal thrashing the Democrats have in store for him if he testifies.

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