A Pence Aide Throws The Trumpster An Impeachment Curveball

Nancy Pelosi thinks the Trumpster should testify instead of sending those nasty tweets. Pelosi told the press Trump could answer questions in writing if that worked for him. But it’s doubtful Trump will testify.

Gordon Sondland has a lot of explaining to do when he returns to Capitol Hill. His first and second meeting with the impeachment panel didn’t reveal what he knew about Trump’s plan to bribe Zelensky. Sondland sat in a Kiev restaurant and talked to the president on an unsecured phone line., A witness in the restaurant heard Trump say he cared more about screwing Biden than curbing corruption in Ukraine.

Trump set the stage for a Ukraine meltdown when he talked about how corrupt Ukraine was in 2016. Mr. Trump thinks Ukraine helped Clinton in 2016. Mr. Trump claims the Clinton email server is in Ukraine and finding it would prove Ukraine, not Russia interfered with the election that put him in the White House. Bob Mueller found proof Russia and Trump worked together in 2016, but Mueller’s team stopped short of calling that relationship collusion.

Mueller’s team didn’t claim Trump colluded with Russia because the Department of Justice made sure they covered-up the facts that show several Trump campaign officials worked with the Russians. Don Jr., Paul Manafort, and Mike Flynn all had interaction with Russian operatives in 2016, according to the Mueller report. But Bill Barr left those facts out when he told the country Trump didn’t obstruct or collude in 2016.

Roger Stone, Trump’s conspiracy pal, is on his way to an orange jumpsuit fitting for lying to Congress about his role in Trump’s campaign. Stone was the go-between Trump and WikiLeaks. Stone made sure WikiLeaks released the Clinton emails the Russians hacked when Trump wanted them released. Mr. Stone also committed six other crimes in his quest to protect the Trumpster. Stone could get 20 years if Judge Berman decides she wants revenge for Stone’s nasty Internet depiction of her.

Pence aide Jennifer Williams told Congress she listened to the Trump-Zelensky call. Williams thought the call was unusual as well as inappropriate. Trump called her a Never Trumper for telling Congress the truth. Mr. Pence claims he didn’t know what Trump wanted to do to Zelensky. But Mike was neck-deep in the plan to screw Biden, according to several news reports. Mike denies he knew about the bribery plan, but he refuses to say that under oath.

Source: https://www.axios.com/trump-pence-aide-williams-ukraine-testimony-tweet-4c70b88c-c438-45f0-b9f4-e7ede2623913.html

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