Pence Denies He Knew Trump Planned To Make Zelensky His Biden-Bitch

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Gordon Sondland had to revise his testimony after other diplomats told Congress Gordon was neck-deep in Trump’s plan to force Zelensky to open an investigation that would hurt Joe Biden’s presidential run in 2020. As soon as Joe entered the race, Mr. Trump sent Rudy Giuliani on a mission to force Ukraine officials to help him bring down Biden as well as rehash his theory Ukraine, not Russia interfered with the 2016 election.

Mr. Giuliani ran a shadow operation in Ukraine in order to keep State Department officials in the dark. Those officials thought Sondland would help them set up a meeting between Zelensky and Trump. But Trump would not meet with Zelensky until he promised to help Trump destroy Joe Biden’s run for president. The polls indicated Trump would lose to Biden when Joe entered the race, so the Trumpster decided he would use one of his mobster tactics to force Zelensky to be his Biden-bitch. The Trumpster held up a $391 military aid check until Zelensky agreed to expose Biden’s alleged dirty Ukraine laundry.

Mr. Trump told the press he might testify. But according to one White House official, the president won’t tighten the impeachment noose around his neck by telling Congress his only purpose for screwing Zelensky was to fight corruption in Ukraine. Trump complained about Ukraine’s corruption. But according to Sondland’s testimony, Trump only cared about forcing Zelensky to back up his claim Ukraine helped Hillary in 2016, and Biden did a quid pro number on Ukraine when he was VP to protect his son.

Ambassador Sondland told Congress Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and Rick Perry knew about Trump’s plan to screw Ukraine’s president. Pence wasted no time releasing a statement that claimed he knew nothing about the Zelensky screwing. But according to Sondland, Pence knew Trump held the aid check but acted like he didn’t know Trump wanted to bribe Zelensky.

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