Possible Violations Of The Federal Advisory Committee Act

Fighting For FACA Compliance
Recently, The New York Times did an article about presidents trump’s Voter Fraud Commission. This is a Commission that was made to investigate any fraud in voting. Mathew Dunlap is the Secretary of State of Maine in the United States District Court. Dunlap currently serves in Washington, D.C., and he is the individual who is filing the suit. Dunlap alleges that the commission is in violation of the law because it refuses to hand over required documentation to certain members. Dunlap had requested these documents, and he alleges that the committee is not in compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

About The Federal Advisory Committee Act
The Federal Advisory Committee Act is a law that came into effect in 1972. It is an act that defines how federal advisory committees have to operate. This act gives rules about reporting and public involvement. The law governs the behavior of members of the committee. This act has the purpose of regulating database that have federal access. These are databases that are managed by governmental advisory committees. This is an act that gives emphasis to public involvement through open reporting and open meetings. All of the meetings that are carried out by these committees must be open to the public, and they must be announced on the Federal Register. All of the documents and reports that are prepared for and by the committee must always be available to the public.

What Does The American Oversight Want?
Matthew Dunlap has the goal of bringing the commission in to full compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act rules and regulations. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the American Oversight which is a watchdog group. The Federal Advisory Voter Fraud Commission has faced much criticism since it was established, and Dunlap hopes to hold the commission accountable for its actions.

Read more: https://www.gsa.gov/policy-regulations/policy/federal-advisory-committee-management/legislation-and-regulations/the-federal-advisory-committee-act

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