The President Is Getting On Putin’s KGB Nerves

The July 2018 Putin-Trump bromance is just an old news report now. Whatever deal Trump made with Putin behind Helsinki closed doors is a mystery. But it looked like the two CEOs of these gigantic corporations were ready to announce a merger. Trump threw his own intelligence community under the Russian-interference bus to protect Putin. American reporters knew something ethereal just happened, but they had to temper what they saw. Trump and Putin stood united even though Mueller issued indictments against the Russian hackers.

When Mueller’s investigation turned up the heat on Mr. Trump by releasing Michael Cohen’s description of Trump’s business relationship with Russia, Trump knew he had to act fast. The president couldn’t embrace Putin at the G20 Summit in November. That would be like running to daddy to ask him what to do now that Mueller’s knows Putin has a free $50 million penthouse coming in the Trump Tower Moscow. According to documents released by Mr. Mueller, the Trump Organization pursued the Moscow Trump Tower deal while Trump was the Republican nominee. And that Putin penthouse deal was Putin bonus for giving his blessing to build it.

When Trump canceled his meeting with Putin at the G20 and gave the Russians a lame excuse, the news reports coming out of Russia about Trump changed. When Trump first got the big job, most Russians thought relations between the two countries would improve. And that looked like a serious possibility last July. But the Russian’s didn’t buy Trump’s excuse.

That meeting snub along with Trump’s plan to pull out of that long-running nuclear treaty gave the Russian press an opportunity to say the White House brand on the world market is Trump’s unpredictability and volatility. It sounds like there’s a hidden message in that Russian message. It almost sounds like Putin’s telling Trump he’s not following the game plan, according to some news reports.

Putin knows Trump didn’t follow KGB protocol when Mr. Trump and his campaign officials did their part of the campaign deal. Now that Trump’s campaign knights put Trump in a neck-deep pool of legal sharks, it’s every man for himself, according to the Russians. They know Trump will find a way to pass the blame, and Putin knows that’s the unpredictable part of the president he played a role in electing, according to the Democrats.

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