President Trump Had More Than 1,400 Conflicts Of Interest Since The Election

Donald Trump is an unusual president. In fact, he’s so unusual his voter base can’t get enough of him. The president is a master manipulator who loves to be in front of the cameras. Whenever a new allegation surfaces about his election campaign, he tweets and then calls the “fake news” together to explain why the press lies when they talk about him. Mr. Trump can do no wrong in the eyes of his voter base even though the watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), claims Trump is using the office of president for personal gain.

According to CREW, the president promotes his often questionable business transaction as extensions of his official duties. In 2017, CREW found more than 900 occasions when the Trump presidency and the Trump organization acted as one entity. The president visited Trump properties more than 118 times in 2017, and he talked about the Trump organization 68 times that year, according to CREW.

But it’s not just Trump, and the Trump family visiting Trump properties. More than 110 federal employees and more than 50 members of Congress visited Trump Organization properties in 2018. Plus, more than 30 state officials visited Trump properties. That kind of business support sounds fishy. But when CREW considered the fact that more than 150 political committees spent more than $5 million at Trump properties since he took office, the conflict of interest plot thickens.

The fact that at least 12 foreign governments paid to stay at Trump properties over the last two years is hard to ignore. The conflict of interest allegations couldn’t be much clearer to the Democrats.

Mr. Trump said he would turn over the daily operations of his business to his sons Don Jr. and Eric, but that hasn’t happened, according to CREW. Mr. Trump still calls the shots for the Trump Organization. He uses his position to pad the deep pockets of his company.

The Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. is what some legal experts call the conflict of interest smoking gun. Dignitaries from the Middle East always stay there. Saudi Arabia officials spent millions at Trump’s Washington hotel over the last two years.

According to a case in the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Trump isn’t playing by the rules set forth by the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. He’s receiving money from foreign governments for personal profit. That has to stop, according to Democrats. But there are no signs Trump intents to stop lining his pockets while he’s president.

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