President Trump Makes Important Trip to England

It has been a very busy time for President Donald Trump. He just wrapped up a very successful trip to Japan where he met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He will soon begin a visit to England where he will be meeting with Queen Elizabeth II. It is no secret that Trump is not a well liked man across the pond. However, his trip to England is very important because he needs to maintain civility with one of America’s most powerful allies. The relationship between the United States and Great Britain has been a long and storied one. However, threats of protests have prevented Trump from visiting England to attend the opening of a new embassy.

President Trump was not invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This was seen as a situation that could sour Trump’s view of England. However, he has never mentioned it in any of his tweets. Therefore, many people assume that he would not have gone even if he was invited. Trump usually has no filter on Twitter. When he is angry about something, he lets you know about it. For example, Trump called the mayor of London a loser because of the negative comments that were made about him.

There are many people in the British government who are not fans of Trump either. It is common for U.S. presidents who are visiting England to make an address to Parliament. Trump was not invited to do so. This is because several key British politicians are not in favor of the travel ban against Muslims from several countries that President Trump imposed. Some protesting throughout London is to be expected during Trump’s visit. As a result of this, additional police officers will be positioned at various critical points throughout the city to ensure public safety.

According to BBC, President Trump will be visiting England at a very interesting time. The country is currently going through a chaotic time politically. They have tried to break away from the European Union. However, Prime Minister Theresa May was not able to secure a deal. Therefore, the United Kingdom was forced to prolong their stay in the European Union until later this year. Leaving without a deal could cause very serious economic problems for England. May said that Trump told her that she should file a lawsuit against the European Union. She did not give any indication about whether or not she will do that.

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