The President Wants To Stop McGahn And White House Aides From Spilling The Obstruction Beans On Congress

Jared Kushner, the president’s special advisor and peacemaker extraordinaire, got a chance to show the world why his security clearance came from Trump, not from security officials. At the Time 100 Summit, Kushner did an interview, and it contained vintage Trump damage control.

Trump overrode security officials so Jared could hold press conferences that defy common sense. Mr. Kushner told the Time interviewer the Russians only ran a couple of Facebook ads during the 2016 campaign, and the ads didn’t interfere with the election. According to Kushner, the Mueller investigation did more damage to America’s democracy than Facebook ads. Jared said the Russian Facebook ads were bad, but Mueller’s two-year investigation did more harm to democracy.

Kushner wants to stay in the public eye while Prime Minister Netanyahu plans to annex the Golan Heights. The Prime Minister plans to name a town after Mr. Trump. Plus, Netanyahu loves Kushner Middle East plan, and so does his father-in-law. Kushner hasn’t talked to the Palestinians about his plan, according to the New York Times. But he does have backing from the Saudi Prince. Kushner and the Saudi prince are big buds.

According to, the Mueller report claims Sarah Sanders lies when she holds press briefings. Sanders told Mueller she has occasional slip-of-the-tongue moments when reporters ask her pertinent questions. She lied about James Comey after Trump fired him. But she stood behind her lies about Comey when George Stephanopoulos interviewed her on his Sunday talk show. Sanders is proud of her vocal part in the Trump con job, according to the Washington Post.

The Trump con job didn’t last long on White House lawyer Don McGahn. McGahn spent more than 30 hours with Mueller’s investigators, and he let them know Trump wanted Mueller to go. The president asked McGahn to fire Mueller. But McGahn stopped Trump from obstructing justice when he refused to follow his orders.

Mr. Trump claims all his aides follow his orders. But Mueller was able to find several aides who don’t. And their testimony has Trump nervous. Trump claims he’ll pull rank with executive privilege in order to stop aides and McGahn from sitting in front of Congress.

Mr. Trump knows if they tell Congress about the White House chaos and the Trump lies his autocracy might be in jeopardy. But Congressman Jerry Nadler the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee told the press it’s too late for Trump to pull the executive privilege card to stop McGahn from testifying.

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