The Public Gets To Hear What Two Of “The Three Amigos” Say About Trump QuoProQuo-Screwing Zelensky

Iran wants to develop a relationship with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, again. Iran claims Trump’s days of ruling the Middle East are over. Trump’s pal Ben Netanyahu can’t form a government, and Iran keeps pushing his sanctions buttons just to show him he doesn’t want to mess with Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards.

Prince Salman and Jared Kushner are buds. When all that dreadful Khashoggi incident became public, the prince and Jared had several private conversations. Kushner gave the prince advice on how to handle the situation. Mr. Trump keeps sending arms to the Saudis and the Saudis keep lining Trump’s personal pockets with coin, so there’s little chance the Salman Dynasty will make nice with Iran.

The whistleblower said he would answer Republican questions in writing just the way Trump did when Mueller had questions. But Trumpians like Jim Jordan said the whistleblower has to come forward and face Trump’s wrath. Jordan thinks the whistleblower is a Never-Trumper or a Democrat with a hidden agenda even though two witnesses who were on the Zelensky call confirmed the whistleblower’s original report.

Alexander Vindman was on the Zelensky call, and he claims Trump didn’t release the entire call. Trump left out the part where he talked about Joe Biden holding $1 billion over Ukrainian officials heads so they wouldn’t prosecute his son Hunter who sat on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. Jordan’s denial before he knows all the facts is a feeble attempt to defend a president who has “mobster” written in his DNA.

China wants Trump to drop the December tariff threat before Xi signs the phase one deal with Trump. President Xi has a sanction ace in the hole now that the WTO gave China the right to drop more than $390 billion in sanctions on Trump’s tariff-loving ass. But the Chinese want to sign a farm deal because other farm product suppliers like Brazil and Argentina can’t meet the Chinese demand. In 2018, China bought $20 billion worth of soybeans. In 2019, Chinese importers only bought $10 billion.

Kurt Volker, Gordon Sondland, and Rick Perry were the “three amigos” who handled Trump’s quest to screw Zelensky, Trumpian style. Rudy Giuliani had the same mission, but he didn’t work for the State Department. But he tried to control the Ukraine division of the State Department using two Ukrainian-American criminals who pay him handsomely just to have their picture taken with the Trumpster.

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