R.Kelly’s Attorney Denies Abuse Allegations

R.Kelly’s attorney has stated that the abuse claims against him are all false. The attorney, whose name is Steve Greenberg, criticized the Lifetime series “Surviving R.Kelly.” He stated that it was a round of stories that are being used to fill television time.

Kim Foxx, who is the state attorney in Cook County, stated that she was sickened when she watched the documentary. “Surviving R.Kelly” is a series that examines the abuse allegations. According to ABC News, several women who have claimed to be abused by R.Kelly told their story in the documentary. Steve said that it is inappropriate for a state attorney to comment on allegations that she has seen on television.

A Chicago prosecutor encouraged anyone who has been abused by R.Kelly to come forward. Kim Foxx talked to reporters on Tuesday after she had seen the documentary. She stated that she was sickened by the documentary. However, she said that no investigation can take place until witnesses and victims come forward.

R.Kelly still lives in Chicago. He has stated that he has not done anything wrong. In 2008, he was cleared of all 13 sexual abuse allegations. There was a video circulating of a man engaging in sexual intercourse with a girl who was just 13. Both R.Kelly and the girl denied that they were the ones in the tape.

A man in Georgia, who was a part of the documentary, stated that he had been threatened by R.Kelly’s manager. The man, whose name is Timothy Savage, told an officer that R.Kelly’s manager had texted him saying that it would be best for his part of the documentary to not be shown.

Tim appeared on the series along with his wife. The manager, whose name is Don Russell, accussed Timothy of lying in the documentary. Don also told Tim that if he continued to support the series, then he would release information that proved that Tim was lying.

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