Republicans Will Have To Pick The Rule Of Law Or The Rule Of Trump According To Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Jr., the braggadocios son of President Trump has some explaining to do when he sits down in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to Michael Cohen, Don Jr. knew about the Trump Tower Moscow project. Cohen consulted with Don Jr. more than ten times when he tried to make a deal with the Russians to build the largest building in Europe in Moscow.

Don Jr. told the Senate Intelligence Committee he didn’t really know about the project. He said there were no plans and no developer for the project. But Cohen’s testimony disputes Trump’s claims. If Trump lied to Congress in 2017, he could face the same fate as Michael Cohen. Cohen now wears an orange jumpsuit in a prison in upstate New York.

Trump Sr. turn the investment world on its head when he threatened to add more tariffs to the existing tariffs on China products. The Chinese won’t let Trump control the technology sector of their economy by putting restrictions on Chinese companies like Huawei. Mr. Trump wants to win the race for 5G dominance, and China is ahead in that race at the moment. Chinese negotiators are back in Washington, but they want a new agreement. They sent the current 150-page agreement back to U.S. chief negotiator Bob Lighthizer with changes, and that sent Trump into a Twitter rage.

Mr. Trump is not the only person on the warpath in Washington. Congressman Jerry Nadler claims the country is in a constitutional crisis now that Trump shut down access to the Mueller report. Trump wants to stop former White House attorney Don McGahn from testifying. And he wants to stop Deutsche Bank from releasing his financial information to Congress. Trump claims the Democrats want his personal information for political reasons.

The president also claims the New York Times did a number on him when they found his old 1040 tax return transcripts from 1985 through 1994. Mr. Trump’s reported more than $1.17 billion in deductions during that 10-year period. Mr. Trump told the press real estate developers in New York like to claim losses on their tax returns. It’s a sport in the real estate business. But he also said the Times article is inaccurate.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech at Dartmouth College. She didn’t hold back when she told the audience Republicans will have to choose the rule of law or the rule of Trump now that Trump acts more like a dictator than a president.

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