Roger Stone Pleads The Fifth

The McCain family took a Trumpian beating seven months after the beloved senator from Arizona went to greener pastures. John is an American hero. People respected Senator McCain for his courage and his commitment to his country.

But President Trump never liked John McCain. McCain shot down Trump’s lame healthcare plan. And Trump believes McCain was the catalyst for the Mueller investigation.

Mr. McCain turned the Christopher Steele dossier over to former FBI Director James Comey after the 2016 election. And Comey released the investigative attack dogs on Trump once Comey read the unverified report. Trump thinks McCain gave the report to Comey before he won the election, but that’s not the way it happened, according to the Washington Post.

That fact didn’t stop the president from giving his voter base a sample of vintage Trump tweet-bashing. Most Republicans loved him for his bashing style. Republican lawmakers didn’t speak out to defend their former colleague. A couple of Republican senators gave a half-hearted message that showed their support for McCain. But only two or three senators had the guts to tell the president he’s a classless fool.

The Mueller investigation is winding down, according to the New York Times. The last Trumpian who felt the blow of Mueller’s indictment hammer is not cheering Trump’s McCain bashing at the moment. Roger Stone, the dirty Republican trickster has his hands full.

Stone tried to keep a low profile while he helped his pal Don Sr. win the election. Stone’s job was to dig up damaging information on Hillary Clinton. According to Mueller, Mr. Stone gave Trump WikiLeaks information that helped him create a strategy against Clinton. Mueller indicted Stone on witness tampering charges as well as lying to Congress.

Mr. Stone tried to use some of his tricks to gain support from loyal Trumpians. But the judge put a gag order in place so Stone couldn’t spread his version of the truth to Trump’s voter base.

The House Judiciary Committee wants Stone to tell them what he knows about Trump’s plan to work with Russia during the campaign. But Stone isn’t about to sit in front of another congressional committee. He pleaded the fifth when committee chair Jerry Nadler asked him to tell what he knows.

Nadler and the committee want to know more about the hush money Cohen paid to keep Trump’s affairs private. Nadler also wants to know what Stone knows about Trump’s business deals with foreign governments.


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