Roger Stone Wants Attention But Judge Jackson May Give Him Detention After His Latest Instagram Post

Roger Stone is a diehard Republican and a huge Trump supporter. Mr. Stone is also a lobbyist, author, and conspiracy theorist. Stone likes attention, and it doesn’t matter whether that attention is positive or negative. As long as his name is in the headlines, Stone feels he’s done a good job promoting his truth about his involvement in Trump’s 2016 campaign debacle.

Court documents filed by Robert Mueller, say Roger Stone played a pivotal role in passing WikiLeaks information to the Trump campaign. According to those documents, Stone told Trump when WikiLeaks would make those now-famous Clinton emails public. Mr. Stone claims his innocence, and he continues to stand by his claim he didn’t play a role in Trump’s quest to win the election by any means necessary.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the U.S. district judge handling the Stone case, told the dirty trickster to stop talking to the press and quit posting on social media sites until the court proceedings end. Mr. Stone tested Judge Jackson’s patience by ignoring her first gag order. She ordered him back to court, and she let him know he would be stupid to defy the order again. If he did, the judge said she would make sure orange jumpsuit wearing is in Stone’s immediate future.

According to Fox News, Roger posted “Who framed Roger Stone” on Instagram after Judge Berman ordered him to stop. Stone claims the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt, and he is a witch hunt victim because he supports his friend, Donald Trump. Stone told the press months ago he would never rat on the president.

The Stone trial won’t be a long one. The Mueller team has enough evidence to link Stone with WikiLeaks. And prosecutors also have evidence that Stone told Mr. Trump when the Clinton emails would drop. Mr. Trump let that cat out of the bag when he asked WikiLeaks to release the emails during a 2016 campaign rally in Florida. The next day the hacked Clinton emails surfaced. Trump claims the timely release of Hillary’s emails just happened. Mr. Trump still claims he knew nothing about WikiLeaks or Russia’s help during the campaign.

There’s little doubt about Stone’s immediate future. Judge Berman will order Stone back to court, according to several news reports. The chances of Stone walking out of court a free man are slim if the judge follows through on her threat to keep Stone quiet.

But just like his pal, Donald Trump, Stone stands defiant as he faces jail time and a serious attitude adjustment.

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