Rudy Claims He’s Got Lots Of Dirt On The Biden Family

Adam Schiff told the press the impeachment hearings may not be over. John Bolton may step up and give a blow-by-blow account of how Trump put together his plan to bring Joe Biden down.

Mr. Bolton was underground for the last two months. He finally surfaced and claimed Trump blocked his Twitter account. Stephanie Grisham told the press John probably forgot his Twitter password. She insinuated his age might have something to do with his forgetfulness. Bolton didn’t respond to that punk remark. But he did tell the public to “stay tuned” meaning he might tell what he knows about the Zelensky screwing.

Mitch McConnell promised not to shut down an impeachment trial when articles of impeachment come his way. Mr. Trump told the press he wants a trial. He wants to call Hunter and Joe Biden to testify, and he wants Adam Schiff to sit on the Senate stand. Trump likes to attack Schiff for his role in bringing him down. But Mr. Trump is hard to bring down.

Trump is a survivor. He believes in the Trump name. He knows his voter base won’t desert him. The Trumpians want Trump to be Trump. They like the fact he ignores protocol and steps across legal boundaries to get what he wants. Trump’s in office to bring down the Washington establishment, according to his voter base. And the Ukraine fiasco is just one example of Trump being Trump.

Lev Parnas, Rudy’s criminal client, wants to tell his side of the Ukraine debacle before he’s fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Lev told the press Representative Devin Nunes met with Ukraine’s former shady prosecutor-general Shokin in Venice last March. Nunes denies that claim. But Adam Smith the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said his committee will investigate Nunes. Nunes is one of Trump’s loyal supporters. He seems willing to risk his ethical and moral reputation to protect Trump.

Rudy Giuliani tried his best to confuse and irritate the diplomats stationed in Ukraine. Rudy’s shadow State Department play infuriated Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, so Rudy smeared her reputation to get her out of the way.

Giuliani told the press if Trump tries to throw him under the Ukraine bus, he has insurance. He also said if he disappears, the dirt he claims he has on the Biden family will come to the surface. It seems Rudy knows he’s expendable now that more details of his Trumpian mission see the light of day.

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