Rudy Giuliani Bounces Back Into The Political Spotlight With Legal Foolery On His Mind

Some people say Rudy Giuliani seems to be morphing into his role as Trump’s legal penguin with a legal flare that reminds them of his days as a New York Prosecutor. Rudy had a way of confusing the Mafia Dons he sent to the slammer. He developed a keen sense of legal foolery that mimicked the confusing statements the Dons gave him when he prosecuted them. The old saying “it takes a crook to catch a crook” seemed to be the legal look Rudy put in play in those days.

There are press reports that say trying to defend Donald Trump is a challenge only a former New Yorker prosecutor like Giuliani could do. He knows Don Sr. from the old New York days. Rudy Giuliani knew what Trump had up his sleeve back then, but he befriended Trump anyway. Trump must have seen a flash of his mentor Roy Cohn in Rudy Giuliani. Just like Cohn, compliments Trump’s “Teflon Don” image perfectly.

Mr. Trump knew once he unleased Giuliani on the press, the Fake News title would stick on the news publications that want to report honest news. It was almost impossible to get honest news out of Roy Cohn and John Gotti when Robert Mueller put the legal hammer down on Gotti’s head. Rudy learned from the best mobsters in New York.

Sometimes Rudy takes his legal foolery too far when he talks to the press. He said Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen worked on the Moscow Trump Tower project throughout the campaign on a Sunday news show.

Obviously, Mr. Trump thought Rudy said too much. So on Monday Rudy put on his best Roy Cohn-type impersonation and said his answer to the Moscow Tower question was a hypothetical answer on Sunday. In other words, he said he didn’t talk to Trump about the Trump Tower debacle. It could be Trump didn’t want to talk to his criminal lawyer about a possible criminal act, but even the Republicans know that’s a freshly squeeze sack of excrement. But some of Trump’s allies say Trump knew Rudy would turn the situation around some much that reporters would feel like they just got off a Coney Island roller coaster.

Rudy Giuliani knows how to handle criminal cases. Rudy likes to confuse, bewilder, and bother the press. He knows those three tools give him the upper hand in TV interviews. Rudy’s job is to protect Trump from criminal prosecution. And the Republicans say Rudy’s the man for the job.

But Mr. Giuliani knows defending Trump will be his epitaph when all the Russian ghosts come out of the Trump Organization closets. When they do Rudy will go down in history as the greatest example of presidential legal foolery.

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